Manchester: Skinny’s Pizzeria

SkinnysThe skinny: We love a good neighborhood pizza place, so we were excited to see Skinny’s Pizzeria open up shop on Amory Street in the heart of Manchester’s West Side. [Continue reading]

Gorham: Mountain Fire Pizza

Mountain Fire

The skinny: A while back, Deidre, a former food editor, came across an article for a quite unique pizza being served right here in New Hampshire. The Associated Press article – written by the AP’s food editor (who, lucky for us, is based here in New Hampshire) – spread across the country like wildfire, and Deidre saw […]

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North Woodstock: Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery

Mac & Cheese and Corn Dog

The skinny: Whenever we go on a trip, we always try to find at least one brewery for a tour and sample. (Did you think we were going to say “pizzeria”? Well, that’s just a given with us, too!) While we had stopped in for appetizers and a beer during a day trip up north a […]

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