Goffstown: Pizza Market

The skinny: If pizza is the perfect food, then the bigger the better, right? Pizza Market, a small chain with a few local restaurants and a bunch more around New England, says it’s the “home of the biggest oversized pizza pies around.” And while we can’t certify that, we can say we’ve never left hungry. For this review, we hit up the Goffstown location, which always seems to be hopping.

The pizzas come in two sizes: a not-so-small at 14 inches and the aforementioned oversized 20-incher. Cheese pizzas are $7.85 for a small and $10.95 for a large; as usual, with toppings, the prices go up from there.

The chef’s pizzas are fairly run of the mill in the combos. That said, they have their bases well covered. The Meat Lovers pie is loaded down with pepperoni, ham, salami, hamburger, bacon, sausage and meatball – yeah, you read that right, hamburger and meatball. The price of all that protein is $13.95/$20.65. There are also Greek, Hawaiian, White, Margherita and Vegetarian pizzas, plus the Marinated Chicken, which comes loaded with strips of, you guessed it, freshly marinated chicken. These range from $15.25-$17.25 for a 20-inch large. There’s even the option of getting wheat dough on small pizzas for just a buck more.

Review: Deidre has to say that this is one of her favorite pizza places in the Manchester area. The pizzas are big, with a soft crust that requires a fork and knife or the old fold-over technique — or else the cheese will slide right off the slices. You can get it by the slice, too, and they’re big enough you probably won’t need more than one (but we’ve definitely done two!).

We’re fans of the sweet sauce, which peeks out at you from between tasty little globs of mozzarella cheese. The sauce and cheese blend is just about right.

While there weren’t any leftovers on this occasion, Andrew can confirm that the slices are tasty right out of the fridge.

Rating: Deidre: 4.5 / Andrew: 4 = 8.5/10 slices

Golden Acres Pizza Market
670 Mast Road, Goffstown
623-0899, www.pizzamarket.net

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