Manchester: Pizza Express II

The skinny: You might miss Pizza Express II driving on Second Street, but tucked off the road in a small plaza is this tiny pizza shop. By tiny, we mean four stools – you’re probably better to get your food to go here.

Pizza Express offers yet another example of the area’s Greek-style pizzas. Here, you can get a 10-inch small ($6.95) or a 16-inch large ($9.35), though you can get a little personal style pizza for only $2.95. You can also opt for a calzone.

Specialty pizzas range from $8.75-$14.95. Standout options include the Chicken Alfredo Broccoli or the Marinated Steak Tip Pizza.

Review: Here at Pizza Express II, we opted for a barbecue chicken pizza. It’s become a favorite of ours, and it’s great that so many places can make it taste so different. We were eager to try out the Greek version.

However, this was the first pizza that Andrew and Deidre were split on. Andrew was a fan, but Deidre wasn’t as crazy about it.

Deidre was two for two in her last pizzas with crusts she wasn’t doing cartwheels over. Though the crust wasn’t dry like the previous week’s entry at Annula’s, she still wasn’t digging the thick and crispy type. The crust also was very heavy – not necessarily a bad thing – which made her pretty full after only a slice and a half.

Andrew liked the heavy crust – it tasted almost Chicago-style with good flavor – but found the chicken topping the most-filling part.

We had the option of having either pizza sauce or barbecue sauce on the pizza. Barbecue sauce seemed like the logical option, but after biting into the pizza, Deidre wasn’t even sure there was any on it! While the taste of barbecue was definitely evident in the chicken, the presence of sauce would have made the pizza a little more well rounded.

The good thing about filling pizza is that there’s usually a lot left over tot take home. Andrew’s cold pizza test revealed different results as time went on. The first cold slice was perfect, with the flavor holding up and the chicken and outer crust staying nice and edible. Sadly, a breakfast slice the next day wasn’t the same story.

Pizza Express II must be doing something right, since this second city location just opened in recent years. We’d be up for trying it again — but maybe ordering a more traditional pizza with tomato sauce.

Anyone else have a similar experience here?

Rating: Deidre: 3 / Andrew: 4 = 7/10 slices

Pizza Express II
865 Second St., Manchester


  1. I essentially grew up on Greek style pizza by having it every Tuesday night from our local "House of Pizza" in Massachusetts. I agree it can be hit or miss, but most of the time they are pretty consistent. After living in Hudson for 10 years, before moving to Goffstown, I would have to say my favorite Greek style pizza is the eggplant pizza from Wally's in Hudson. Perfect!

  2. Another “hole in the wall, easy to miss” place is Alley Cat Pizza at 486 Chestnut Street, Manchester. Tiny place, fabulous Italian style pizza. GOT to try it, you’ll love it!

    • @Debra & Carlo,
      Oh, yes, we’re very familiar with Alley Cat — it’s Andrew’s current favorite! We almost never have leftovers. We’ll have to do our “official research” soon. 🙂

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