Hooksett: Space Center

The skinny: OK, OK, we know what you’re thinking. Space Center — an indoor arcade of sorts filled with laser tag, bumper cars and more — is not a pizzeria. We completely agree.

However, we were there for a recent birthday party, and there was pizza. Pizzas here come in 12-inch small ($11.99) and 16-inch large ($14.99).

Toppings are $1 each and include the usual suspects. Space Center even does specialty pizzas, such as barbecue chicken and Hawaiian, which are $17.99 at the large size. It’s a little pricey, but when you factor in that you’re at a place that does business similar to a movie theater regarding food, it’s understandable.

We did say we want to review as much pizza as possible in New Hampshire. So, here we go…

Review: When you order food at a place that doesn’t necessarily specialize in food, you start thinking about the future. As in, “I’m totally expecting the food to be inedible, so what places in the area have good food I can chow down as soon as I get out of here?”

While the pizza at Space Center won’t ever have you making a specific trip for it, we can’t say it was the absolute worst pizza we have ever had. In fact, we did have more than one slice.

The crust was definitely the worst part. Andrew was pretty sure he saw bags of Hannaford brand pizza dough in the back of the food area, but Deidre can’t be sure that’s what made it so bad, since she had bought that on a number of occasions to make pizza at home.

The best way to describe the crust was chewy. After biting into a piece of it, we had to keep move the slice farther away from our faces to detach the bite from the slice. It wasn’t exactly pretty.The sauce and cheese slightly made up for what they were placed on, but still weren’t anything special.

There were no leftovers (it’s not the type of place we’d save pizza from anyhow), so there’s no day-after, cold-pizza test.

So while we wouldn’t exactly recommend Space Center’s pizza, we weren’t looking for more food later in the night to erase the memories of it. That’s got to count for something, right?

Rating: Deidre: 1.5 / Andrew: 2.5 = 4/10 slices

Space Center
51 Zapora Drive, Hooksett
621-5150, www.spacecenter.com

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