Bedford: Pizza Bella

The skinny: The name Pizza Bella sounds like it might be a good ol’ Italian hole in the wall, but after a step inside and a look up at the menu, you’ll find just what we did – another Greek-style pizzeria.

But you’ll also discover the very typical community pizza shop – worn wood paneling everywhere, pictures of kids teams sponsored over the years. That’s a good thing. In fact, Pizza Bella even has a section on its website talking about community involvement – a plus in our book.

Pizzas here come in small and large, and they start at $6/$9.50 for cheese. A large isn’t huge, as the two of us just about polished off the entire pie.

Expect to pay up to $15.25 for some of the specialty offerings. Topping selection is similar to many places: You can get your meatballs, olives, bacon, eggplant or vegetarian styles among many others.

And, just as a warning to those who swipe their debit cards everywhere: They aren’t allowed here, but an ATM is just outside the door.

Review: While perusing the menu above the counter, the woman in front of us, who was on her way out the door with a big salad, turned to us and said, “Oh, everything’s good here!”

Andrew and Deidre ordered just a large cheese pizza for a late lunch. It was ready in no time, which was perfect for our hungry stomachs.

Deidre really liked the crust here. Just by looking at the light golden brown hue, she could tell it wouldn’t be too crispy. And she was right: The outside of it had just the slightest crisp, but the inside was soft – the best combination.

The sauce was great, too. It had a slight sweetness, but was more rich than anything. And while it wasn’t a chunky sauce, it was thick; with each bite, sauce oozed out from little holes in the cheese.

And while the cheese was a bit greasy, it wasn’t all that messy. In fact, the cheese was the only greasy part, which made the crust that much better.

As for the cold pizza test? Andrew thought it held up well, though the crust dried out pretty quickly. Next time, he’ll have to scarf it up faster.

Rating: Deidre: 5 / Andrew: 4.5 = 9.5/10 slices

Pizza Bella
178 Route 101, Bedford Village Shops, Bedford


  1. That crust looks so delicious!

  2. They truly make a great pie. My fiance and I have had their Hawaiian, veggie, and plain cheese. We’ll keep going back.

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