Nashua: Lui Lui

The skinny: So we’ve been to a few pizza places now, but we’re finally reviewing at an actual sit-down, full-service restaurant. Lui Lui is a standout eatery in this area of the city that’s overrun with chain stores and restaurants.

It’s nice to be able to order a pizza at a restaurant with this type of atmosphere, surrounded by Italian decorations and the open-concept kitchen, where diners on the top floor can see the huge brick oven where the pies cook. Sometimes you just want casual, comfort-style food at a place where you can also choose to order a nice glass of wine!

Lui Lui’s pizzas come in small and large ($8.99/$12.99). And it thrives on specialty pizzas and toppings. The most unusual one that caught our eye was The Caesar Pizza ($10.99/$18.99) — a Caesar salad is actually put on top of the pizza after it is done cooking!

Other pizzas worth mentioning are the Chicken Diavolo ($11.25/$19.25), which has spicy chicken, roma tomatoes, diavolo sauce, smoked mozzarella, blue cheese dressing and scallions, as well as the Bocce Ball ($10.99/$18.99), which is covered in sweet Italian sausage, mushrooms, tomato sauce and mozzarella. A gluten-free option is available here, too.

Review: We’ve never had a bad meal at Lui Lui and never heard of anyone who has.

We’ve ordered a few different pizzas here. We hadn’t been here in a while, and our visit took place soon after Lui Lui reopened after taking care of repairs from Christmastime flooding. We noticed a few new specialty pizzas and decided on one of them.

We went with The Tuscan ($9.99/$17.99), a Lui Lui “invention” of sorts, according to its menu, where the cheese was on the bottom and the sauce on the top, then covered in fresh basil.

Lui Lui pizza is thin, maybe 1/4 inch at the most, but the depth doesn’t mean you’re missing out on any flavor.

We didn’t notice anything different about having the cheese on the bottom and the sauce on the top. In fact, it didn’t even look any different, since the two kind of became one during the cooking process. Nothing wrong with that — just an observation!

We also loved the fresh basil on top. We wished more pizzerias would consider herbs as toppings. It’s a great way to bring in flavor without weighing it down so much.

Deidre’s only concern was with the sauce. The Tuscan was said to have a tomato-garlic sauce, and she couldn’t taste the garlic at all. The pizza was still fine, anyway, but she thinks an Italian restaurant should know how to use garlic and make its presence known. She’s sure this pie could have been taken to another level with it.

Andrew, meanwhile, thought the sauce had a nice garlic taste — not too much, just enough. He thought the basil topping may have cut the garlic flavor just a bit.

One tip when you’re at Lui Lui: Save the oh-so-yummy dipping oil you get from the delicious homemade rolls for your pizza. It is fantastic for crust dipping.

As for the cold-pizza test, it wasn’t fantastic. Like most thin-crust pizzas, Andrew thought this one didn’t really hold up well after a few hours in the fridge, because, really, there’s not a whole lot there to hold up.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4 = 8/10 slices

Lui Lui
259 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua


  1. Tracy K says:

    The salad pizza is definitely interesting. They used to have a BLT pizza along the same lines, with tomatoes and bacon baked onto the pie with lettuce tossed in mayo over the top. It was fantastic! The bad part was that it didn’t work for leftovers because of lettuce slime.

    Pizza is my favorite food, so I’ll definitely be following. A few ideas for places in Nashua: T.J.’s Deli, Costco (yes, Costco; it’s not rebranded Pizza Hut or anything like that) or Sky Market. You could also do a round-up post of most unusual pizzas, such as that sushi pizza at Takumi (if you’re into that sort of thing), or one on frou-frou places that have pizza on the menu.

    OMG, I’m so hungry now.

    • @TracyK,
      Thanks for the comment! We definitely want to get to the “frou-frou” places, and we are now extremely intrigued by Costco’s pizza offerings. Though, everything Deidre’s dad buys seems to be from Costco, so maybe it’s not all that surprising! Thanks for all the suggestions — they will be added to the list.

  2. Great to hear Lui Lui is back, as it is a longtime family favorite. Also good to know why they were closed in the first place (flooding)–see, you’re a news site as well as a food site!

    p.s. Get out to Milford/Amherst soon, I’d like to hear your take on places out here before venturing away from my own favorites (Ciao’s in Amherst and Bravo’s in Milford).

    • @Marty,
      Thanks for writing in! Yes, we were excited to see Lui Lui has reopened. For a limited time, it has some “grand reopening” specials, too — they were still going on this week.
      Thanks for the Amherst/Milford suggestions. We haven’t had too many from out that way, so we’ve added them to our list and hope to hit them up soon!

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