Hudson: Veria Pizza

The skinny: Veria Pizza had big shoes to fill when it opened a couple years ago.

The pizza shop took over the space from Hudson House of Pizza, a well-known pizza giant in town. When HHOP moved from the strip mall into its own place right across the street, Veria swooped right in to take over where its predecessor left off.

Veria advertises a “charcoal grill,” but it has more to do with their meals and subs than their pizza, which is your standard Greek-style pie. It has all the toppings you’d expect, plus a decent list of specialty pizzas. Prices range from $6.50/$9 for a small or large cheese, respectively, to $14.50 for a large charcoal grilled chicken and $16 for the charcoal grilled steak tip pizza.

Veria also makes up calzones to order in four sizes, along with a very wide range of subs, sandwiches salads and dinners. Like a lot of Greek-style pizzerias, you also have the option of ordering any small pizza on Syrian bread (if you’ve never tried it, you should – it’s delish).

Review: Both Andrew and Deidre’s eyes landed on the last pizza listed on the above-the-counter menu, so they just had to go with the steak tip pizza.

Even though the pizza was covered in huge chunks of steak, Deidre felt the most noticeable part of it was the cheese. It was so ooey-gooey; at least five strands of cheese formed when she tried to move the first slice from the pie and onto her plate. Good cheese melts well, so Veria has a great thing going here.

There was also quite a bit of cheese on the pizza. While we love cheese, too much of a good thing can be overpowering, but here it was a good thing. Why? Because it covered up the taste of the sauce.

Deidre didn’t notice it at first, but a few bites in, she took in a mouthful that didn’t have much cheese on it. She thought the sauce was overly sweet. It was fine when there was a lot of cheese, but if there are pizzas with less cheese, she’s not sure she would be able to finish. She couldn’t even imagine eating a dish with that sauce where it was more of a predominant ingredient, like pasta or a grinder.

Deidre and Andrew liked the steak tips. These weren’t little pieces you’d have to search for. They were big and tender. Andrew thought it was like getting two meals in one, and he was full after two small slices.

Andrew was a big fan of the crust. It was thick and delicious — crispy on the outside and soft inside. For the cold-pizza minded, it’s the kind of crust that always holds up well.

Andrew didn’t wait too long to dig in for the cold pizza test. Even after a few hours in the fridge, the steak tips were still juicy and tender. Undoubtedly, though, it’s a ticking clock, so it’s not a pizza you’d want to leave sitting in the fridge too long.

Rating: Deidre: 3 / Andrew: 4 = 7/10 slices

Veria Pizza
87 Lowell Road, Hudson


  1. Loving this site, very relevant as I live in NH and am a huge pizza fan like every other person on the planet.

    It would be cool to see some kind of rating, perhaps a star system that helps your users identify the best places easily.

  2. @Neil,
    Thanks so much for commenting and enjoying the site!
    We actually have been discussing a rating system and will probably be incorporating it soon. We are working out the details on how to do it and making it searchable, as well. Once it’s all set, we’ll make sure to let readers know.

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