Concord: Vinnie’s Pizzaria

The skinny: Vinnie’s was recommended to us by Twitter follower @djredskyy. We went to look it up online to check out its website and see what this place was all about. One step into Vinnie’s, and it’s clear that this place would never have a website.

This place is totally a step back in time, and by step back in time, we mean that we think none of the pictures on the wall were hung after we were born. There are plenty of pictures of old-time boxers, a gold-framed Budweiser dog with gold etched into glass to match the picture, and a portrait of a young JFK and Jackie. Not to mention a picture of Vinnie’s which must have been taken around the time it opened in the 1950s — very cool to show some history.

The menu here is super simple. You want pizza, you go to Vinnie’s. You want something else, go somewhere else. (Sure, there are a few grinders and salads on the menu over the counter, but we’re pretty sure the beer list might have been longer than those offerings combined.)

Vinnie’s pizzas come in 12, 14 and 16 inches ($9.50/$$10.50/$11.75). You want a specialty pizza? There’s one: Vinnie’s Special ($13.95/$15.95/$18.95), with pepperoni, peppers, sausage, hamburg, onions, salami and mushrooms. You want something else? You choose from those toppings or about 10 other standard toppings.

Review: Since Vinnie’s is all about simplicity, we kept it simple, too, by just ordering a medium pepperoni pizza.

Deidre liked it right from first taste. She thought it reminded her of her favorite takeout pizza place near her western Massachusetts hometown. That was mainly because of the cheese. The cheese was the kind that even when you take a bite of pizza, your mouth has to keep grabbing for more.

Andrew was a bit less impressed, but thought it was a good, standard pizza. Nothing special, but pretty solid.

And the sauce didn’t have the sweetness that a number of the last reviews have had. This was good ol’ Italian sauce. We finally even saw bits of tomato skin in the sauce!

Deidre enjoyed the crust. It was a beautiful golden brown. She noticed a slight hint of a buttery taste. It actually tasted like the crust itself would have made for fantastic breadsticks. Andrew agreed on the crust and thought it was the most distinctive part of the pizza — a bit crunchy and pretty tasty.

Andrew didn’t think Vinnie’s held up too well in the cold pizza test. While he thought the outer crust was just fine fresh out of the oven, it was a bit dry after a half day in the fridge. By the time he dug in, the cheese was about all he could taste. No problem, though. Next time, we just won’t leave any leftovers.

Rating: Deidre: 4.5 / Andrew: 3.5 = 8/10 slices

Vinnie’s Pizzaria
200 S. Main St., Concord


  1. Deirdre,

    I’m often in the Concord area, visiting friends who teach at UNH. Thanks for a review of a place I’d like to go with them.

    Best wishes and Go Bona’s!


    • @Denny,
      So excited you found our site! Thanks for writing! Vinnie’s was a great little place, and if you ever stop in, you had better get back in touch with me.
      And if I remember correctly, you might owe me $1 for your post. 🙂

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