Nashua: Espresso Pizza Company

The skinny: Espresso is a pizza staple in Nashua. Everyone knows it’s there, and most residents have probably ordered one of its pies.

Espresso Pizza Company Nashua hamburgEspresso is a hole in the wall in downtown Nashua that has kept its spot for more than 50 years, watching so many other shops around it come and go. While other locations on Main Street may be all about showing off the latest wines or offering dishes for $20 or $30 each, Espresso is perfectly content with plain white walls and bright blue booths.

So Espresso is fine sticking with basically one menu item — pizza — and offers it in one size at 16 inches. Pies start at $11 for cheese and each topping is a buck more — unless you spring for extra cheese or Hawaiian, for which you’ll have to fork over an extra $2.

Espresso does a lot of the slice business (two slices and a small drink for $3.50!), but the other menu standout would have to be its Sicilian-style offerings. These pizzas are are a bit more expensive, starting at $20 for cheese — but we would have to bet it’s worth it and have made a note to try it on our next visit.

Shout-out to Twitter follower @yorkd, who said Espresso serves her favorite pizza in New Hampshire.

(FYI, Espresso doesn’t take debit or credit cards.)

Review: We had just returned from a trip to the Big Apple and were unsatisfied with a place we stopped at for pizza while in the city. So a stop at Espresso was perfectly timed.

We opted for a pizza topped with hamburger ($12). Our stop at the shop came right after the lunch rush, so the employee was able to make our lunch appear in no time.

The first thing we noticed when we set the pizza on the table was the hamburger — or lack of it. The pieces were tiny, and there just weren’t many of them. We were hoping that maybe each piece packed more punch, but sadly, no; Deidre could hardly tell the difference between bites of her slices that had meat and those that didn’t.

On a more positive note: The crust was just how we’d want it to be. We could hear a little crunch with each bite, but when we got to the end and broke the outer shell of it, it was perfectly soft and doughy in the center. And we could easily hold up each slice without it flopping around and cheese sliding off.

The cheese and sauce were layered on thinly — as we would expect with New York style — but that didn’t mean we were missing out on anything.

The pizza we took home for Andrew’s cold pizza test had a somewhat indignant wrap-up job: plate on bottom, plate on top, tossed in a plastic bag. Worried it would succumb to the fridge’s grip immediately, Andrew decided to dig in rather quickly. The little baby bits of burger seemed even fewer and far between at this point, and the light layers of sauce and cheese had lost a bit of their flavor.

While Espresso offers a solid pizza, it wasn’t one of our favorites. If we lived in Nashua, we wouldn’t have a problem eating or ordering it by any means, but we probably wouldn’t have a craving for it. We think Espresso would be the perfect pizza to order for a large crowd, however, because we think it would offer something pleasing to everyone.

Rating: Deidre: 3 / Andrew: 3.5 = 6.5/10 slices

Espresso Pizza Company
85 Main St., Nashua


  1. I’ve been to espresso pizza many times. As stated the hamburger does seem a bit sparse but when you ask for double (only $1 extra) you seem to get tons more. They now accept credit/debit cards and have changed thier face with music and tv’s on the wall but thankfully not thier wonder delicious pizza that is a staple of Nashua.

  2. Credit cards accepted? Yahoo! We never have cash and that’s been a deterrent. There pizza is fabulous old New York Italian style. Thin, sweet sauce and yummy!

  3. Darl Dery says:

    Thank you for taking the time in reviewing an old familiar haunt.
    You’re review was well written, very deliciously descriptive and ultimately informative.

  4. My favorite Nashua Pizza by far!

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