Nashua: Sky Market Pizza and Deli

The skinny: We were in South Nashua recently and decided to take up another fan on one of her recommendations. This week, we stopped by Sky Market — a suggestion from Tracy K. in a blog comment she left us a few weeks back.

Sky Market Pizza and Deli Nashua chicken baconRight off the bat, we have to say the setup is not what we expected — or have ever seen before, for that matter. Sky Market is half pizza/sub shop, half convenience store. It was a little confusing at first glance: Booths are split up in two areas in the store — and the pizza area is in a different corner on the other side of the cash register.

It was weird to sit in a booth. When Deidre was sitting down, to her left on the shelves were cans of Chef Boyardee and boxes of mac and cheese. But, we assume it’s something patrons have become accustomed to, and we actually realize the convenience of being able to pick up dinner and a gallon of milk in the same location.

On to the food: Pizzas here come in medium, large and extra large; cheese pies start at $6.99, $8.99 and $12.99, respectively. You can also opt for a calzone, starting at $7.49; note that all calzones come stuffed with ricotta.

Toppings here are fairly standard, and for the setup we walked into, we were surprised to see the number of specialty pizzas/calzones that you can order. You could try out The Mulligan ($11.49/$13.99/$18.99), which is covered in sausage, ricotta, caramelized onions, and pizza cheese and sauce. Or maybe The Italian ($11.99/$13.99/$18.99), which boasts Genoa salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, mortadella, hot ham, basil, oregano, and pizza cheese and sauce. There are 10 other specialty pies to choose from.

Be sure to check the takeout menu for plenty of great deals, especially this one: Sky Market accepts all competitor coupons.

Review: We had just gone to the Boston Bacon & Beer Festival a few days earlier, and, apparently, we had not had our fill of bacon. We decided on a large pizza topped with bacon and grilled chicken.

We chose perfectly with our toppings. The bacon tasted amazing. It wasn’t undercooked, and it didn’t get to that point of being so crispy that you couldn’t even recognize it as bacon anymore. (By the way, who are these people who like bacon burnt to a crisp? We believe they could not be friends of ours.) We started to wonder why we didn’t just start a blog that focused on bacon-topped pizza.

The chicken was more than we expected. The pieces were covered in herbs and cooked well. We also must mention that there was a good amount of the toppings here, too.

The sauce was also a standout on this pizza. As a few people have mentioned to us, so many places in the area insist on a sweeter sauce. (We can’t say we necessarily dislike a sweeter sauce, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.) However, at Sky Market, there is no such thing as a sweet pizza sauce. This was a great, classic Italian sauce, and upon closer inspection, you could see plenty of herbs in here, as well. It may have actually beaten the bacon as the best part of the pizza!

The not-so-great part of the pie, in Deidre’s opinion, was the crust. The bottom and end crusts seemed mismatched. The bottom crust was almost nonexistent: While thin crust can be a very good thing, it really wasn’t in this instance, and she thought maybe it just needed a little more dough in the middle. The end crust, however, was on the hard side. Maybe if the dough had been spread out a little more proportionally, it would have had a better end result.

The thin bottom crust didn’t really affect the cold pizza test, as after a few hours in the fridge, the cheese created a sort of shell on top — kind of like the chocolate stuff you dip ice cream in. Except, of course, this shell was cheesy and had loads of bacon and tasty chicken popping out of it. And because the toppings weren’t overly cooked, they didn’t dry out and stayed tasty and flavorful. The only problem here was the tough outer crust, which was a bit hard to get through. Luckily, with all that was loaded on top of this pie, Andrew was full by the time he reached the crust.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 5 = 9/10 slices

Sky Market Pizza and Deli
383 E. Dunstable Road, Nashua

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