Manchester: Ate Doors Down

The skinny: Ate Doors Down’s pizza came recommended to us via our friend @nhshoestring, as well as other Twitter fans @La_trebuchet and @j_boucher. It isn’t a pizza shop, but just one of many downtown Manchester locations where you can grab something simple like a sandwich, soup or a salad — or a slice of pizza.

Ate Doors Down Manchester bacon pizzaAnd while pizza isn’t an afterthought at Ate Doors Down, it’s not exactly a highlighted menu item. According to the signs in the eatery, you can get a (good-sized) slice for $1.75, a pie for $10 and up, and $5 for all-you-can-eat pizza.

There’s no list for specialty pizzas or even toppings; you’re just told that you can basically get the same toppings here that you can at other places. It just seems to be one of those quirks you have to love about a small, locally owned place!

Review: We opted to go with just a bacon-topped pizza (which we think was $11 — still not exactly sure about that).

The bacon was a bit on the crispier side, colored along some of the edges with hints of black. It did not, however, detract from the taste. Though we may have preferred our bacon a little less done, it was still pretty good.

The sauce was noticeable from first glance, because it had some huge chunks of tomato around the edges. The sauce was much more classic than plenty of places we’ve tried — not a hint of sweetness, and actually the tiniest tangy taste.

The cheese, like the bacon, was fairly well-done. That may have sapped a bit of flavor from the cheese, but the sauce made up for it.

Andrew first noticed the crust. He asked our waiter if it was a whole-wheat crust, but the employee told us about the chef’s special ingredient: molasses. Our waiter said the molasses was there to add a bit of sweetness. We didn’t really notice too much sweetness before, but after being told, we noticed a hint of sweetness in doughier parts of the crust. We thought it was a really cool idea to be thinking outside the box this way.

Finally, the cold pizza test. Maybe it was the molasses, but the dough was pretty good cold. The rest was just so-so, as it was all fairly well-done — and well-done pizza just isn’t all that tasty when cold. Andrew even contemplated skipping over the dry pieces of bacon, but common sense eventually prevailed. All in all, it was good, not great, when cold.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 3.5 = 7/10 slices

Ate Doors Down
967 Elm St., Manchester

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