Manchester: Tano’s Pizzeria

The skinny: Tano’s Pizzeria is a tiny little shop on Manchester’s West Side. We had seen it before, but when we headed over there, we almost drove right by it because it’s so small!

You can get pizzas in a Tano's Pizzeria Manchester NH Sicilian pizza12-inch small ($5.75) or a 16-inch large ($8.50). You can also try an 11- by 14-inch Sicilian (starting at $11.25), or, if you’re dining solo, you can get slices or calzones.

Tano’s is strictly Italian. It’s obvious by the names of its specialty pies. You might be interested in Nona’s pie ($8.50/$13.25), which is covered in anchovies, pesto sauce, and Romano and mozzarella cheeses. There is also the Spinaci Scampi ($8.95/$14.25), which has spinach, garlic, tomato and feta, as well as the self-named Tano’s ($9.25/$14.50), which has prosciutto, tomato, roasted peppers, black olives, oregano and mozzarella.

Don’t forget to check Tano’s website for coupons!

Review: We had talked about Sicilian pizza so much lately that we had to finally look up a place close to home where we could get it. We found Tano’s the day before we ordered a pie from there, and then made the time for it.

We decided to go light on the toppings, opting for basil and garlic on our Sicilian ($13.95). And those ended up being great choices. While the fresh basil really dressed up our pizza, the garlic was evident in every bite. It blended with the tomato sauce so well that it could have been part of it.

The pizza had just the right amount of sauce. It wasn’t slathered on too thick, yet a little bit oozed out with each bite. Andrew thought he tasted some sweetness to it, but Deidre couldn’t detect it. The mozzarella cheese was also just great, and thin enough that it didn’t detract from the garlic taste we were looking for in the sauce.

The crust was the other standout. It had been a long time since either of us had consumed Sicilian, but we’ll have to remember to make it a habit now. It was so light and airy that Deidre was pretty sure we’d eat the whole pizza in record time. (It was deceiving, though — we barely got through half of it!) The end crust had little hints of being overcooked, but it wasn’t at all — it just added a bit of crispiness to the otherwise super-soft crust.

The employee we spoke with also mentioned that the Sicilian crust is prepared about 24 hours in advance. We love that so much thought and care is put into the food we’re eating!

Andrew thought the light, airy crust made this a cold pizza worth revisiting. And because there was so much leftover, he had plenty of chances. Andrew thought the crust made the pizza almost pastry-like. So, yes, you can have this pizza for dessert.

Rating: Deidre: 5 / Andrew: 4.5 = 9.5/10 slices

Tano’s Pizzeria
381 Kelley St., Manchester


  1. Dennis Hooper says:

    Sure, Tano’s is small in structure, but it’s HUGE in taste,portion,variety and cleanliness.
    A must try

  2. Just ordered a sicilian from Tanos….love love love!
    Will try the Tanos special next time. Got here from the Good Good Manchester interview/web site
    Lynda and Steve

  3. I’m polishing off my leftovers from last night. Went with a large Hawaiian. Was super impressed with the crust & sauce. Also, the ham topping was super thin, so it didn’t require biting & tearing through it.

    The left overs are good, as everything stood up overnight. Tano’s will be a repeat – hopefully for the Sicilian.

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