Barrington: Millo’s Pizza & Grill

The skinny: Twitter follower @tracibisson tipped us off to Millo’s Pizza & Grill in Barrington. Always anxious for pizza exploration, we headed east to check it out.

Millo's Pizza Barrington NH pizza bacon shaved steakThe folks behind the counter said the current location was built two years ago, and you can tell.¬†There’s plenty of space, including an extra large table for those mega pizza summits.

Millo’s says it serves brick oven pizza. Pizzas come in small and large, and there’s a long list of toppings, including walnuts. Prices start at $5.95 for a small cheese and $8.50 for a large cheese. Adding one topping to the small brings it up to $6.95 and the large goes up to $10.25.

There’s also a long list of specialty pizzas, 22 to be exact, and most are the same price — $9.45 for a small and $14.25 for a large. There are some really cool creations here. Take the New Englander, for example, which includes bacon, pepperoni, peppers, onions, tomatoes and red sauce, and the Baked Ziti Pizza, which combines ziti, hamburg, ricotta, sauce, and mozzarella and Romano cheeses.

The review: Andrew’s eyes lit up when he saw the American Pie, heaped with shaved steak (think cheese steak), bacon and barbecue sauce. In fact, Deidre is pretty sure Andrew’s words when he saw the menu item were, “If we can order this, I’d marry you all over again.” Ahhh, the romance.

So when we say heaped with toppings, we mean it. The ratio of toppings to crustMillo's Pizza Barrington NH American Pielooked like it was 2 to 1. The pizza itself wasn’t all that large, but the amount of meat piled on top made finishing it a challenge. As Andrew dug in, he wondered why he never had a cheese steak with bacon and barbecue sauce. And even though the steak was the main component of the pie, Deidre was impressed by the amount of bacon. It could have been lost in there, but it was just as visible.

Heading into the restaurant, we weren’t sure if it was Greek style, though the baklava and Greek-themed pizzas on the menu should have tipped us off. When the pizza arrived, Andrew thought the crust was a dead giveaway that Millo’s has Greek roots, but Deidre wasn’t so sure. Then again, she may have been distracted by the massive heap of toppings.

Andrew thought those toppings were just a bit on the dry side after a spin through the oven (though Deidre didn’t think so), but it still had plenty of flavor. The slightly sweet taste of the barbecue sauce paired well with the savory blend of steak and bacon.

The cheese was a tasty blend, with a thick layer of mozzarella underneath the toppings and some cheddar sprinkled on top that got nice and crispy in the oven.

The crust was a bit overshadowed by all those toppings, but it can’t be overlooked. The outer crust was soft and chewy and the bottom was thin and crispy — though not quite crispy enough to hold up the weight of all these toppings. To some extent, Deidre almost forgot about the crust; she was pretty sure she was eating just steak after a while.

Andrew had to do the cold pizza test once slice at a time — it was just so filling. The toppings had dried out a bit, but the outer crust was soft and chewy.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4.5 = 8.5/10 slices

Millo’s Pizza & Grill
140 Route 9, Barrington


  1. Anabelle says:

    Hey thanks for the review!! I work there actually and our owner is indeed Greek. He moved to the US in the 80’s and is so wonderful to work for! Glad you enjoyed your meal!

    • Anabelle,
      Thanks for commenting! Glad to hear more good things about Millo’s. We definitely remember that meaty American Pie — we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen another pizza in NH with that much meat on it!

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