Manchester: Seasons Tickets Sports Pub

The skinny: There are so many places where you can get a pizza these days. Sometimes, you just want to go to a really casual place, where you’re initially more concerned with what you will be drinking rather than what you could be eating.

Seasons Tickets Manchester NH meatball pizzaSports bars are usually about two things — the games and the beers — and the food comes in a distant third. But does it always? To find out, we stopped by Seasons Tickets, one such sports bar nestled into the apartment complex sprawls of Manchester’s Front Street. (Take note: At the entrance, there is a sign that says “Please don’t wear your colors.”)

Pizza comes in two sizes here: the 12-inch small (starting at $7.25) and the 16-inch large ($9.75). Toppings start at 75 cents and $1.25, respectively. And while you’ll get your typical toppings here, you can’t discount that Seasons Tickets tries to cater to plenty of crowds, with broccoli, jalapeno peppers and even gyro among toppings.

Specialty pies include the Pollo Special ($10.75/$14.50), which has grilled chicken, broccoli, onions, bacon and alfredo sauce; the Spinach & Feta ($8.75/$12.25); and the Shrimp, Broccoli & Garlic ($9.75/$13.50). Calzones can also be ordered here at similar pricing as the pizzas.

Strapped for cash? Check out the bar’s super-cheap lunch specials, which include a $4.99 small cheese pizza and a $6.99 large cheese pizza.

Review: We were really tempted to order one of the cheese pizza specials and try to get a bill of less than $10, but when we’re not in the mood for a specialty pie, we try and order one topping, just to see how it’s done.

We opted for a large meatball pizza ($11), and the topping choice was a good one. Not only was each bite of the slices meaty, but the meatball pieces were huge, some appearing to be around ½ inch thick. Andrew liked the meatiness, but thought the meatballs were just a bit too perfectly round, and were most likely of the frozen, pre-made variety.

At Seasons Tickets, the pizza is Greek. This was obvious to us as soon as we saw the Greek-style crust. The bottom part of it was a little floppy, but the end crust has a nice crispness to it, as well as the slightest hint of butter.

While some pizza-eaters seek out extra cheese, Andrew and Deidre are not among them. This pizza had way too much cheese for their tastes. Andrew wasn’t a big fan of the cheese blend either, which combined with the extra cheese, didn’t sit well on a very hot day. Too much cheese meant Deidre could only get through one slice.

Because of the heavy cheese, this was another pizza where we had a hard time detecting the sauce. While we couldn’t say the sauce was bad, not being able to immediately taste it isn’t exactly a good thing.

Andrew didn’t make it too far into the cold pizza test before he discovered a hair cooked into one of the slices. Needless to say, this one failed the cold pizza test.

Rating: Deidre: 2.5 / Andrew: 2 = 4.5/10 slices

Seasons Tickets Sports Pub
554 Front St., Manchester

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