Raymond: Pizza by George

The skinny: When you’re thinking of a place for New York style pizza in New Hampshire, Raymond isn’t the first spot that comes to mind.

Pizza by George Raymond NH bacon

But nestled in a strip mall just off Route 101 is Pizza by George, which was suggested to us by Twitter follower @Dana_Hanson. We stopped in during a bustling weekday lunch hour.

The first thing we noticed was all the slice options available. There are several specialty pizzas available, including Sicilian, but Pizza by George saved its creativity for its hefty specialty family stuffed pizzas.

These 20-inch behemoths all cost $19.99 and come with an optional full or latice top; the full makes it look like a massive calzone, the latice more like a jumbo, meat-filled apple pie. There’s the Chicken Peppercorn Ranch, which has chicken tenders, bacon, tomato and ground peppercorn dressing with mozzarella cheese. If you’re feeling really carnivorous, you can try the Meat Pie, which mixes ground beef and pork with mozzarella and Romano cheeses.

If the featured stuffed pizzas don’t fit your tastes, no worries, you can build your own with five toppings of your choice for the same $19.99.

Their more standard New York style pizzas come in three sizes, 12 inches for $6.99, 16 inches for $9.95 and 20 inches for $11.95. Adding in regular toppings will cost you an extra dollar on the 12-inch, $2 on the 16-inch and $2.50 on the 20-inch. Their special gourmet toppings cost a quarter more each, but they include veal, steak and roasted red peppers.

Review: We were hungry, though not quite ready to tackle a stuffed pizza during our visit. Instead, we went with a pizza with bacon — one of our favorite toppings.

It was hard to miss all the bacon lining the top of the pizza. Andrew thought it was the perfect amount, with enough piled on so no bite was bacon-free. We thought the bacon was cooked very well. Deidre noticed it wasn’t crispy, though, so if that’s your thing, you might want to make the request.

The sauce wasn’t so easy to find. It was hard to spot here and even harder to taste. Andrew found a tiny glob on the side of a slice and we both thought it was zesty.

The crust was a highlight — thin and crunchy on the bottom, fluffy and chewy on the ends with an overall light quality.

Andrew thought the amount of mozzarella cheese was perfect. And though it was a bit greasy in spots from the bacon, it was a perfect fit with the salty bacon.

The bacon stood out even more to Andrew in the cold pizza test. The crust was still chewy, and the bacon packed plenty of salty, crunchy flavor. It definitely didn’t look nearly as nice cold, but since it’s bacon-topped pizza, Andrew really couldn’t complain.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 4.5 = 8/10 slices

Pizza by George
11 Freetown Road, Raymond

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