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The skinny: Earlier this spring when our blog first started getting noticed, a friend over at helped spread the word about us on that site, as well as on its Facebook page, back in April. We received a lot of suggestions over there (thank you very much!), including one for Windham’s Capri Pizza.

Pizzas here come in three sizes: mini ($6), 12-inch ($6.95) and 18-inch ($10.95). When you throw in toppings, add an extra $1 or $2 each, depending on your size pie — or even moreCapri Pizza Windham barbecue chicken for extra cheese or double crust ($1.50 on 12-inch, $2.25 on 18-inch).

Topping choices are standard — nothing too crazy among the 20 options. And there’s more than a dozen choices for specialty pies. These include the Chicken Fajita ($12.50/$17.50), with grilled chicken, onions, peppers and salsa; the Vegetarian ($11.95/$16.95), with mushrooms, onions, peppers, broccoli, tomato and black olives; and The White One ($10.25/$14.50), which has garlic, mozzarella, feta and Parmesan.

You can also opt for calzones ($8.50/$10.95), and choose between styles like Veal Parmigiana, Broccoli & Ham and Italian Cold Cut.

Capri has lunchtime slice, calzone and pizza specials. And don’t forget to check the website for coupons before you head there!

Review: We were in barbecue mode, so we went with one of our longtime favorites: the barbecue chicken pizza ($17.50 for the 18-inch pizza). This pizza was huge.

We’ve seen a lot of variety in barbecue pizzas in the area. We asked if onions were standard on the pizza, and we were told it would just have barbecue chicken. Another thing: When we think of barbecue pizza, we think of chicken being cooked on it, and barbecue sauce taking the place of tomato sauce. However, we now know this isn’t the case everywhere.

What we got was a traditional cheese pizza — with huge chunks of crispy barbecue chicken added on at the end of the cooking process. Andrew thought it looked a bit haphazard, as if the cook just dumped a bowl out on the pizza. Deidre felts that it was more of a barbecue chicken topping than a barbecue chicken pizza, and thinks restaurants should be a little more specific about what’s going on.

Not to say it was bad, though. In fact, Deidre and Andrew both loved the chicken. The skin was super crispy: Deidre could even hear it while she was chewing. The barbecue sauce was really sweet. Upon the first bite, Deidre wondered if it would be too sweet, but after a few more nibbles, it became much more likable. Deidre actually thought the barbecue chicken would be better off the pizza — in a sub or as part of a chicken tenders dinner — where it could be the star of the show.

We were a little worried about the tomato sauce. Like the barbecue sauce, it started out on the sweet side, but once we melded all the flavors together, we couldn’t even taste the sweetness, and we retracted that opinion. The sauce was also quite thin, which worked well with the overly thick topping.

There was a solid amount of cheese, however, it seemed like more of it went toward the center of the pizza rather than spread throughout. When we got toward the end of our slices, we noticed it was more sauce than cheese. Less mozzarella — and it was pure mozzarella, by the way — didn’t detract from the taste.

At first glance, Deidre thought there was a chance the crust was slightly undercooked, due to the very light color. No worries. The bottom crust had a crunch that rivaled that of the chicken, and the end crust had the slightest crunch with a soft center. Andrew thought the dough had good flavor, but a good baked-in flavor, not the kind created with tons of seasoning on top.

Also, beware: This pizza was quite filling. Deidre was fairly full after her first slice because of all that chicken.

Both the tomato sauce and the barbecue sauce stuck out a bit more in the cold pizza test. Andrew thought both were sweet, but they paired well with the crunchy, savory chicken. He was a bit surprised how quickly the crust toughened up. You might not want to wait too long to scarf up this pizza.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4 = 8/10 slices

Capri Pizza
33 Indian Rock Road, Windham


  1. I tried the pizza last Saturday and I loved it

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