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The skinny: Not only do we love to write reviews of area restaurants, but we also love to hear them from other people. That’s how a trip to Pizza Barn happened.

Pizza Barn Center Ossipee NH taco pizza We’re big fans of Boston’s “Phantom Gourmet” — too many lunches out at restaurants have happened when the show ends at noon Saturdays — and we’ve seen the program mention the Center Ossipee restaurant on more than one occasion, featured as one of its “Hidden Jewels.”

And the restaurant really isn’t too hard to spot driving along Route 16 … it is a giant barn, after all. Pizza Barn’s been around for a while — the day of our visit was its 39th anniversary — and it has the feel of a family tradition sort of place.

The food is mostly traditional pizza joint fare, too, with subs and a few pasta dishes. Not a huge menu, but still a decent amount of choices if you’re not in the mood for pizza.

The pizzas come in three sizes, the 8-inch mini pie, the 12-inch stall and the 16-inch barn. A traditional plain pizza costs $6.15 for the mini, $8.95 for the stall and $13.95 for the barn. You can trade out the typical red sauce for alfredo for an extra 60 cents on the mini, $1.15 on the stall and $1.70 on the barn. There’s two levels of toppings, basically veggies and meat, which add to the cost. For the veggies, add $1.40, $1.75 and $2.80; for the meats, add $1.40, $3.25 and $5.25.

There are a few specialty pizzas to pick from, too: the loaded Farmer’s Daughter (hamburg, pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper and onion), the Hawaiian (ham and pineapple), the alfredo with chicken and broccoli and the taco. Note that the Farmer’s Daughter comes only in the stall ($17.90) and barn ($25.40) sizes, and the taco comes only in the mini ($10.70) and stall ($16.55) sizes. The Hawaiian ($8.95, $13.70 and $20.40) and the alfredo with chicken and broccoli ($9.55, $14.55 and $22.40) come in all three sizes.

Thanks also to @Dan_Mullen, who also recommended Pizza Barn to us!

Review: On this trip, we headed north with Andrew’s mother (who wanted to see us “at work”), and an extra person meant we were able to order an extra pizza!

Pizza Barn Center Ossipee NH buffalo chickenWe chose a 12-inch taco pizza and a 12-inch buffalo chicken pizza ($12.20).

The buffalo chicken pizza arrived first. Take note: It was a buffalo chicken topping, and, like some barbecue chicken pizzas we had eaten recently, it was a buffalo chicken topping on a cheese pizza, instead of the traditional pie that’s covered in blue cheese. (Blue cheese was given to us on the side.)

The buffalo chicken wasn’t anything special. It came from buffalo chicken tenders that may or may not have been of the frozen variety. The sauce wasn’t added on later, so they didn’t pack as much heat as Deidre would have liked — no blue cheese necessary for her. Andrew thought the buffalo sauce had just enough of a kick — he gave his pizza a liberal coating of blue cheese — and was still left with a sweaty face.

There was quite a bit of cheese. Our waitress — part of the family who started the restaurant — said it was a 3:1 blend of Cabot cheddar to mozzarella. Deidre definitely thought it was ooey gooey, but as much as she loves cheddar, she would have preferred more mozzarella.

On the first slice, Deidre couldn’t really make out a taste for the sauce, but her second slice had much more — and thicker — sauce. It had the slightest taste of sweetness.

The second pizza arrived when we were through with the first. Whoa. This pizza has some height to it, 3-4 inches maybe. It’s so big that it isn’t even available in the 16-inch size. Definitely a fork and knife pizza.

The same mozzarella and cheddar blend is thrown on top of plenty of lettuce when the pizza comes out of the oven, and olives are centered above all of it as the final layer. Deidre could barely get to everything and had to push most of the toppings to the side with her silverware. The fresh lettuce and the cool cheese were a perfect relief for some of the spicier toppings.

Such as the taco sauce and hamburg. The hamburg topping was made of the smallest crumbles on top of the sauce, and Deidre liked the spiciness of the combination. After the non-spicy buffalo chicken, she was pleasantly surprised by the kick these slices had.

Though Andrew thought the hamburg was a bit sparing, he kept reminding himself that the bulk of what fills up a taco is rarely the meat. Overall, he thought it came together well, and actually tasted like a taco. Even the cheese blend, which wouldn’t seem to fit on a taco-style pie, fit in really well. As a bonus, it managed to make the already messy experience of eating a taco even messier.

The taco pizza wasn’t really doable for a cold pizza test, so Andrew had to settle for just the buffalo chicken slices. He was left wishing he had brought a bit of the blue cheese dressing home with him. He thought the buffalo chicken was still pretty hot and brought all sorts of flavor to the pizza. Beyond the chicken, the other standout was the crust, which was a tasty mix of soft and chewy after a few hours in the fridge.

Rating: Deidre: 3 / Andrew: 4 = 7/10 slices

Pizza Barn
1860 New Hampshire 16, Center Ossipee


  1. Nice review! Those photos are making me hungry. The taco pizza sounds interesting…


  2. Happen to see your web site,and would like to know the sunnyvilla on rte 16 has been reopened.They have all kinds of homemade food,sauces,gravies,salsa’s you cant go wrong here,give it a try next time you go by!

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