Marlborough: Main Crust Co.

The skinny: The stretch of Route 101 from Keene into Wilton can be a beautiful drive, winding through forests and curving through tiny towns. But if you’re ever made the trip on an empty stomach, you know food is a bit hard to come by.

So when we spotted Main Crust Co. in Marlborough, we knew we had to stop in.

Main Crust Co. Marlborough NH pizza margherita basil

Main Crust offers what it calls old-world Italian pizza, but don’t take this to mean their pizza options are outdated. To start, you can choose white or wheat crust for your pizza. From there, you can pick and choose your toppings. Like a lot of places, Main Crust skips the small and medium monikers and instead offers regular cheese ($6.99), large cheese ($10.49) and extra-large cheese ($16.49). Each topping costs another $1.50 on the regular, $2 on the large and $3.50 on the extra large.

Main Crust flexes its creativity with its specialty pizzas. The steak & cheese ($14/$17/$24) heaps on American cheese, steak, onions and peppers, but replaces the tomato sauce with mayonnaise. The Perfectly Pesto ($13, $16/$23) goes with the nontradtional base too, starting with — you guessed it — pesto, and adding mushrooms, black olives and feta.

There are standard specialty pies too, like the Kaua’i, a Hawaiian pizza with ham, pineapple and cheese blend ($10/$14/$20). Also standard, but worth mentioning, is the balanced meal of the 3×3 Supreme ($14/$17/$24), which includes three veggies and three meats: onions, peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage and ham (they cancel each other out, right?).

Main Crust also offers slices, and not just during the lunch rush. And if you want to make your own pizza, it sells its own pizza dough.

Review: It was yet another hot summer day, and we just didn’t think we could handle a topping-heavy pizza. We opted for the margherita ($9/$13/$17), which just had sauce, cheese, basil and olive oil. We wanted it on wheat crust, but we were told they were “all out of wheat,” so we went with the standard white crust.

When an employee set the pizza down at our table, the smell was most noticeable. There were a lot of basil leaves baked on to the pizza, and it looked great. However, the strong smell did not translate for great taste for Deidre. It just became too much after a few bites, and she had to pick it off. And, from the too-much-information department, she could taste it about 12 hours later.

The cheese was greasy, but that was mainly due to the olive oil that topped it. Those two are always a good combination, and in this case, we were glad we had it. The cheese on the pizza — which Andrew thought was pure mozzarella — was spread on thin, so the oil added that extra taste boost.

Also thin on the pizza was the sauce. Deidre noted a speck of sweetness, but no spices or anything else to make this sauce stand out. She found it a bit bland. Andrew agreed, and outside of the occasional chunks of tomato, found it nothing to get excited about.

Most disappointing, in Deidre’s eyes, was the crust. At first glance, it looked fine, but we decided the color of it was a little strange, kind of similar to the coloring you might get from one of those Pillsbury pizza crusts you’d find in a can at the grocery store. Also, it was chewy. Not chewy as in soft and doughy, but a tough kind of chewy. Andrew noticed lots of little bubbles, which might have something to do with the old-world Italian style.

Andrew found the cold pizza mostly along the same lines as the hot version. Though the basil had mellowed a bit, it was still a bit too flavorful. Again, it would have been better with a bit less. Andrew found he couldn’t finish the crust, as it still had a bit of that same weird chewiness. Not dried out, just tough. Sadly, the crust and the basil just really overpowered the sauce and cheese, which on their own, could have been real high points.

Rating: Deidre: 2.5 / Andrew: 3.0 = 5.5/10 slices

Main Crust Co.
227 Main St./Route 101, Marlborough


  1. Michelle says:

    This place is nasty. The dining room is dusty the floor is slimy feeling when you go to the restroom you get a stomach turning view of the kitchen and the bathroom reeks of pee. The pizza is as tastless as a doctored up saltine. And the bacon chews like a slug.

    • I drive by the place every week. about a year ago it changed hands and what an improvement. Congrats to the new management and staff. a huge improvement. great pizza, great sandwich’s. i look forward to stopping in every time i go by.

  2. Logan Corliss says:

    I heard this place was under new ownership and had to stop in. The pizza was amazing and the place had a great and inviting atmosphere. Would defiantly recommend to anyone who wants a great tasting pizza.

  3. I used to avoid this place like the plague but since It’s changed ownership I go a lot (even though I myself own an eatery within walking distance). The ingredients use on the pizza are FRESH. The feta cheese, which I normally don’t eat otherwise, is to die for. On Tuesday nights they have open mic which is lots of fun. Highly recommend it.

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