Milford: Pizzeria Roma

The skinny: Shopping plaza pizza joints can tend to get a bit lost in the bustle of people picking up their groceries and dry cleaning. Tucked away next to the Market Basket in Milford is one such place, Pizzeria Roma, though it seems to have some bustle of its own.

Pizzeria Roma Milford NH chicken pizza

Roma, which until a couple of years ago was known as Valentino’s, is a pretty typical pizza joint. On the night we stopped in, they were doing some fairly heavy take-out business.

The menu features a bunch of speciality pizzas and plenty of topping choices for the regular pizzas. If you’re designing your own pizza, prices start at $6.99 for a medium (again, what ever happened to small?), $9.99 for a large and $11.99 for an extra large. Adding one topping brings the medium to $8.99, the large to $11.49 and the extra large to $12.49.

The specialty pies include a Sicilian, which, unlike many places, comes in multiple sizes ($10.99 for the medium, $14.99 for the large and $16.49 for the extra large). Another standout offering is the Grecian Delight (no, Roma is not a Greek-style pizza place), which includes spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes and kalamata olives ($10.99, $14.99, $16.49). There’s also the eye-catching Chicken Bacon Ranch, which includes those toppings, plus mozzarella cheese ($11.49, $15.49, $16.99).

Roma also offers calzones, with fillings such as buffalo chicken, spinach ricotta, Italian cold cut and steak & cheese. Most cost $8.99 for a medium and $12.99 for a large



Review: On this visit, we were  looking for something hearty, so we ordered a large pizza with chicken cutlet topping ($11.49).

The first thing we noticed were the slightly blackened chunks of chicken. Andrew didn’t think this boded well, but was pleasantly surprised when we dug in. The cutlets — obviously homemade — weren’t overcooked or dried out, but were light and tender with a tasty crunch. Deidre loved the crispiness — it was like a perfect chicken parm dinner.

Andrew also thought the crust stood out at Roma. The bottom and the ends were just a bit crunchy on the outside, but were soft and chewy inside. Deidre thought the end crust was a little too hard, but liked how the bottom held everything up.

There was a lot of cheese on this pizza. Deidre thought it was the kind where when you’re the first bite in on your slice, you really have to bite it off, or else everything on top is coming with it, making for some messy possibilities!

We disagreed on the sauce: Andrew thought it was sweet, though Deidre didn’t detect the same thing. There wasn’t too much sauce, but just enough to continue the perfect chicken parm theme.

This wasn’t the most legitimate cold pizza test, as Andrew wasn’t able to get the pizza to a fridge. So consider it a less warm pizza test. And this pizza passed. As in the main part of the review, Andrew found the chicken the high point.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4 = 8/10 slices

Pizzeria Roma
586 Nashua St., Milford


  1. This place is now a State Liquor store next to Market Basket, There is a Roma’s Pizza next to Shaw’s supermarket in Milford on Rt.101A, I’m not sure if it’s the same owner or not Why are these Reviews so old.

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