Manchester: A Caribbean Affair

The skinny: Pizza joints aren’t the only places that can serve a tasty pie.

While downtown’s A Caribbean Affair is better known for items such as beef patties,Caribbean Affair jerk chicken pizza Manchester pasta pie, roti and ginger beer, if you look closely, in the appetizers section, you’ll find the restaurant’s lone pizza offering: the Heatzza.

Review: The Heatzza ($6) is described as a mini jerk pizza. It comes with chicken or beef as a topping; we chose chicken.

Right away, let’s put the emphasis on the jerk part of the description. We knew the sauce would be spicy, but WHOA! Our mouths were burning. Even Deidre, who enjoys spicy food, needed a glass of water to help her get through it. Not to say it was bad — in fact, even with all the heat it packed, it was quite tasty.

There were little bits of finely shredded mozzarella on top, but honestly, it was hard to taste. There wasn’t a lot of it, and it just wasn’t meant to be the star of this plate.

The chicken was a bit sparing, just like the cheese. But Andrew thought the small shreds added that bit of necessary meatiness to the jerk sauce.

The crust was light and flaky. It was very soft; it took two hands to hold up each slice. Andrew thought it was a bit like the flatbreads that seem to be everywhere right now, but just a bit better.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 3.5 = 7/10 slices

A Caribbean Affair
915 Elm St., Manchester

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