Pembroke: Famous Village Pizza

The skinny: A recent trip north for beer-brewing supplies automatically made us think of pizza. (Really, is there a better combination in the world than beer and pizza?) So we found ourselves at Famous Village Pizza.

Famous Village Pizza Pembroke NH sausagePizzas here are Greek-style, and come in a 10-inch small ($5.50), 16-inch large($8.99) and 20-inch extra large ($12.99). Toppings here are fairly standard, and are $1, $1.99 and $2.49 each, respectively.

If you stop in to the shop, beware that all the specialty pies aren’t listed on the menu above the counter — grab a takeout menu for the full selection. (Wish we knew before we ordered!) There are a dozen specialty pies here, such as the Famous Special Pizza ($9.99/$17.99/$23.99), with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, hamburg, ham, pepperoni and sausage. You could also try the Yuppie ($9.50 for small/$14.99 for large), which is covered in broccoli and chicken, or the Maui ($9.99 small/$14.99 large), a little twist on the Hawaiian, with chicken and pineapple.

You can also get calzones here: A small feeds one to two people and a large feeds three to four. Prices stay under $10 for the smalls and don’t go over $17 for the large.

Review: We opted for a large sausage pizza ($10.98).

There was plenty of sausage covering the pizza, appearing as tiny crumbles all over. While the amount of the topping was spot on, Deidre just didn’t care for the taste of it. Andrew thought the sausage had a bit of bite to it, and wasn’t sure how to describe it. Deidre put it perfectly though, saying it tasted a lot like breakfast sausage. Not exactly what you’re looking for on a pizza.

As with many other Greek-style pizzas, there was too much cheese for Deidre’s taste. The amount of it didn’t help as the pizza started cooling off, and the cheese started to harden too quickly, while all the grease that cooked out of it pooled on top. Andrew the melted strands just didn’t look like any kind of cheese he’s ever seen.

As Deidre was removing some of the cheese from her slices, she tried to detect the sauce. There just wasn’t much of it, and she felt like she couldn’t get a fair taste of it no matter what bite she was on. Andrew picked up a bit of zestiness in the sauce — a good thing for him, because the combination of sweet sauce and tons of cheese never works all that well.

The saving grace was the crust. The bottom part of it had a light crisp to it, and the end had the same crisp on the outside with a doughier inside. Andrew liked that it had that classic buttery flavor, and found himself looking forward to the end of each slice.

Andrew was not impressed by the cold pizza test, as this pizza did not age well. The cheese had formed a heavy layer with the now-solid grease. At this point, the sausage really tasted like breakfast meat and the sauce was very hard to find. This was one of those rare instances in which he didn’t finish all the pizza.

Rating: Deidre: 2.5 / Andrew: 2.5 = 5/10 slices

Famous Village Pizza
116 Main St., Pembroke

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