Grantham: Pizza Chef

The skinny: On a recent shopping trip up north, we knew we had to stop and get pizza. And one name in the area we were headed to kept popping up in our online searches: Pizza Chef.

Pizza Chef Grantham NH pepperoni chicken finger pizzaPizza Chef is a New Hampshire- and Vermont-based chain of pizzerias. We headed to the Grantham location, a tiny place right off the highway.

Pizza Chef does Greek-style pizza. A small starts at $7.25, large at $10.25 and family at $14.25. Topping selection includes plenty of the standards, as well as feta, artichokes, jalapenos and anchovies.

There are only a few specialty pizzas here, labeled “gourmet.” You could try the Chicken Cordon Bleu ($10/$15.75/$22.75), with ham, chicken, mushroom, onion and artichoke hearts, or maybe the perfectly named All Meat  ($10/$15.75/$22.75), with bacon, sausage, ham, hamburger and pepperoni. We also noticed on the menu boards that thin crust pizza is another option.

Review: We opted for a small chicken and pepperoni pizza.

The amount of toppings was noticeable right off the bat. There was enough chicken to get some in each bite, however, Deidre wasn’t a big fan of it. She thought they appeared to come from frozen chicken pieces. She thought they were cooked fine enough, but they did add a nice crunch for texture. Andrew agreed on the crunchiness, but thought the chicken itself was dry and flavorless — outside of the fried breading on the edges.

The chicken overshadowed the pepperoni, which Deidre could hardly taste. Andrew noticed that the pepperoni wasn’t very greasy, which is unusual. Not that he likes all the grease, but the lack thereof made him wonder about the origin of the topping.

Deidre thought the crust had a good balance of crunch and soft. The color of it was a beautiful golden brown, but it lacked a bit of flavor. Andrew loved the thickness of the bottom of the pizza — this pizza was definitely cooked in a pan.

As Deidre has come to expect with Greek pizzas, there was hardly any sauce. She definitely would have appreciated more. Deidre had a small cup of sauce left over from an appetizer and was dipping pieces of the pizza into the sauce. It was thin and very sweet. Andrew’s take on the sauce was just the opposite. He thought the amount of sauce was just about right, but thought the flavor was very neutral, not really sweet or zesty.

Also as expected with Greek pizzas, there was plenty of cheese. Andrew thought it might have overpowered the already-weak sauce. Deidre thought it had melted very well and didn’t harden up quickly, as she thought it might with the amount of cheese that was there.

Andrew thought the cold pizza was just so-so. While the crust was still nice and chewy, the toppings and cheese didn’t really have any flavor.

Rating: Deidre: 2.5 / Andrew: 2.5 = 5.0/10 slices

Pizza Chef
120 Route 10, Grantham

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