Nashua: Bellagio Pizza

The skinny: Shopping makes us hungry. Thank goodness Bellagio Pizza in Nashua is located in a prime shopping area location.

Bellagio Pizza Nashua beef teriyaki pizzaBellagio serves two pizza sizes: 12-inch ($6.75) and 16-inch ($9.95). Toppings start at $1.25 and $1.75, respectively, and include items like black olives, pineapple, feta and salami, among some more standard items. Specialty toppings are $1.75/$2.25 each, and include meats such as steak, turkey and roast beef.

Bellagio has 11 specialty pies on its menu. A few of them include the Four Cheese ($9.50/$14.50), which is sprinkled with provolone, mozzarella, cheddar and feta; the Meat Lovers ($10.50/$15.75), covered in steak, pepperoni, bacon, sausage and ham; and the Bellagio’s Special ($10.95/$16.50), which has most of the restaurant’s toppings — pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, salami, black olives, mushrooms, red and green peppers, and onions.

Calzones are also available, starting at $5.95. Toppings include all those available for pizzas at $1.25, and specialty calzones run from $8.95-$10.95.

At Bellagio, you can also order slices, as well as three-packs of frozen pizzas, for those nights when even stopping by and picking up takeout is just a bit too much effort.

Bellagio has also opened a second location in Manchester.

Review: We opted for a large teriyaki steak-topped pizza ($12.20), just because we had never had teriyaki anything on a pizza.

And while that should have been the most noticeable thing about the pie, our eyes went directly to the crust. We had never seen crust that looked like this before. It was flaky all over and was pretty soft. Andrew likened it to actual pie crust. And while most pizza crust is massaged to a smooth outer edge, this pizza had an interesting series of two-inch-wide bumps all the way around.

Deidre had a hard time enjoying the teriyaki steak — as a topping. The taste was a little overpowering on a pizza. She thought it may have been dipped in extra teriyaki sauce right before going in the oven, leading to a stronger taste.  She found herself trying to eat around the steak pieces — hard to do, since there actually was a lot of steak. Nex time she’s at Bellagio, she wouldn’t do this combination again, but would definitely think about ordering the steak on a grinder. Andrew’s only complaint about the teriyaki was the incredible amount of juice that cooked out of the meat, which made things a bit too drippy for his liking.

The sauce was very thin. Herbs were noticeable, giving it that zesty hint that we like. It also had a touch of sweetness, not going anywhere near over the limit.

The amount of cheese was surprising. There was a lot more than Deidre had expected. It bordered on the amount you might find on a typical Greek pizza, but this wasn’t too much in a bad way. The combination of cheeses on the pizza melted very well, and Andrew thought the creaminess of the cheese was a good match with the savory steak.

This was one pizza Andrew really liked better cold. Not that he didn’t like it hot out of the oven, but the juices from the steak made it fairly hard to approach. After some time in the fridge, everything had firmed up and all that was left behind was flavor. Everything — the steak, sauce, cheese and crust — held up well in the fridge and left him wishing there was actually more left over.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 3.5 = 7/10 slices

Bellagio Pizza
150 Broad St., Nashua

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