Goffstown: Vikster’s Pizza & Subs

The skinny: Sometimes, you’ve got to love small-town pizza shops, like Vikster’s Pizza & Subs in Goffstown.

Vikster's Pizza Goffstown NHAt Vikster’s, New York-style thin crust pies come in 10 inches ($5.25) and 16 inches ($9.95). As another option, you can order your pizza with a 12-inch San Francisco sourdough crust ($7.95). Calzones are also available on the New York crust. Toppings are $1.25 and $1.75  on the thin crust and $1.50 on the sourdough.

There are about 20 toppings you can choose from at Vikster’s. Choices are fairly standard, such as mushroom, broccoli, sausage, and even pastrami and salami. Chicken, steak and artichokes are slightly more expensive.

You could also opt for one of the 14 specialty choices on the menu, such as the Hawaiian Delight ($8.95/$13.95/sourdough $10.95), which, along with sauce and cheese, has pineapple, Canadian ham and sliced almonds; the Mediterranean ($9.45/$14.95/sourdough $11.95), with spinach, herbs, feta, tomatoes, artichokes and black olives; and the Broccolini ($8.95/$14.95/sourdough $10.95), which is covered in American, provolone, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, garlic, tomatoes and broccoli, all on a sesame seed crust.

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Review: We were pretty excited about the San Francisco sourdough as a crust option, so we ordered a 12-inch hamburg pizza on this style ($9.45).

Deidre loved the crust. Even as she pulled the first slice onto her plate, she knew this was going to be different. The slices were heavy, and when she picked hers up, she could see how thick it was, both on the bottom and the end. And it was doughy — really doughy. Each bite had to be chewed just a little bit longer. When you get to the end crust, the doughy part is surrounded by a harder shell, but not so hard that it doesn’t go well with the chewy parts. This was a winner.

Andrew was curious about what made the crust so different — outside of the use of sourdough, and one of the workers helpfully shared Vikster’s process. Basically, they roll the crust out and let it sit for a bit before cooking it, without any sauce or toppings. Then it’s set aside overnight until they’re ready to use it. Andrew thought cooking the crust separately left the crust and toppings a bit disconnected, like the little bagel pizzas he used to make as a kid. Except in this case, the crust was much more delicious.

Deidre was pleasantly suprised by the sauce. It was thin and on the sweeter side, but considering the heft of the pizza, she was excited by the amount of sauce. It oozed out with every bite, causing her to get a little messy and get more napkins. She was very glad that Vikster’s didn’t skimp on the sauce like so many places do. Andrew would have preferred they skimped a bit on the sauce, though, as it seemed a bit heavy for his liking.

The pie had just the right amount of cheese, which was a nice blend, not straight mozzarella. Deidre noted that you really have to bite into each bite, or else you’re going to lose a lot of cheese from your slice.

The hamburg topping was OK. Deidre thought the pizza could have used a little bit more of it, but what was there was tender and not dried out at all. Andrew agreed the hamburg was cooked just right, but actually thought the amount was spot on. Not nearly as sparse as some toppings we’ve had, but not nearly near the topping overload you get with some pizzas.

Andrew thought the cold pizza was good, with the crust tasting more like a bakery item that just happened to have sauce, cheese and hamburg on top. His only qualm was that the heavy layer sauce wasn’t so great cold.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 3.5 = 7.5/10 slices

Vikster’s Pizza & Subs
23 Main St., Goffstown


  1. I will have to try this location ASAP. I am a sourdough nut!

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