Henniker: Sonny’s Main Street Restaurant

The skinny: Sonny’s definitely appears to be a college hangout.  We were some of the oldest people in the room on a recent winter night. And by sitting down at one of the shop’s many booths, you can see that many a student has left an impression on the partitions.

Sonny's Main Street Restaurant Henniker NH barbecue chicken pizzaPizzas at Sonny’s come in small and large ($5.75 and $9.45, respectively). Toppings start at 95 cents and $1.50 and go up from there. Choices are fairly standard among the 20 toppings, plus slightly more expensive specialty chicken, such as grilled, buffalo, barbecue and Alfredo.

Sonny’s does 10 specialty pies. Among the selections are the Greek Pizza ($9.20/$15.45), which has egg, spinach, tomato, olives, garlic, feta, onions and no red sauce; the House Special ($9.20/$15.45), which is covered in pepperoni, hamburg, ham, sausage, salami, mushrooms, onions and peppers; and the Steak Bomb ($9.45/$14.95), which also has mushrooms, onions, peppers and salami.

Sonny’s also offers calzones in small and large, and at the same prices as the pizzas.

Review: We ordered a large barbecue chicken pizza ($11.95).

The pizza had a very generous amount of fried chicken pieces on it. Some pieces were darkened with a little black peeking through, and each piece gave a lot of texture and crunch. We thought the chicken was really tasty, and we imagine it’s a popular choice at Sonny’s in all sorts of dishes.

From our experience, onions are pretty common on a barbecue chicken pizza, but this pie didn’t have any. Looking at the takeout menu, however, we noticed that the chicken pizzas were not listed under the specialty area, so we now understand it as strictly barbecue chicken.

The Greek-style crust was very soft throughout. On the bottom, it was almost undectable. This could have been due to all the chicken on top, however. The end crust was soft, light and airy, with the slightest crunch on the outside. Deidre liked it, and thought she would enjoy it more with toppers that weren’t so heavy. While Andrew liked crust, he noted that it had no real flavor of its own

The barbecue sauce was very sweet. Deidre thought the sweetness was a little overpowering, mainly because of how much there was. We think more sauce may have been added after it came out of the oven, going just one step too far.

While we could see some cheese (again, difficult to detect with the amount of chicken we had), it was almost impossible to taste. We still have no idea what kind of cheese was used. Pieces we managed to find and eat alone were drenched in sauce. Andrew didn’t think the lack of cheese was an altogether horrible thing, as the pizza still tasted pretty good, but some cheese may have made the super sweet sauce a bit easier to take.

Occasionally, Andrew finds that some time in the fridge makes a pizza better. This was definitely true with this pizza. The crust was still chewy enough, but the sauce had mercifully mellowed and he could even sense a bit of the cheese coming through.

Rating: Deidre: 3 / Andrew: 3.5 = 6.5/10 slices

Sonny’s Main Street Restaurant
20 Main St., Henniker

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