Londonderry: Harold Square

The skinny: We’ve been to Harold Square a few times, yet we had never ordered pizza from this New York-style restaurant. We took up Twitter follower @djredskyy on his past suggestion recently.

Harrold Square Londonderry NH pizza chicken parmesanHarold Square boasts of a New York-style menu. Its pizzas come in 12 and 18 inches. Pizzas start at $7.99 and $10.99, respectively. Toppings start at $1/$1.50 for veggie options such as artichokes, broccoli and olives, and $1.50/$2 for the meat choices such as grilled chicken, sausage and ham.

The restaurant offers 15 specialty pizzas. There’s the simple Napoletana ($9.99/$13.99), with mozzarella, sauce and basil; the Steak Bomb ($11.99/$15.99), covered with grilled steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms and salami; and the Chicken Marsala ($11.99/$14.99), with chicken and mushrooms, marsala sauce, Swiss and mozzarella. Harold Square does a Sicilian pie, as well.

Calzones are also available, starting at $6.99.

Review: We ordered a large Chicken Parmesan pizza ($13.99), which had chicken cutlets, marinara, mozzarella and Parmesan.

The chicken had great, crispy breading with a lot of flavor. Just by looking at it, you could tell it was in the sauce for a while, like a classic Chicken Parm dish. The chicken pieces were sliced thin, unlike some other chicken parm pizzas that are loaded with huge chunks of meat. Andrew liked this change from the norm.

The cheese was sooo melty. Deidre thought there was an ideal amount of it; it definitely wasn’t lacking. Andrew thought the cheese was on the heavier side, but loved every gooey bite. The bigger bonus for him was the lack of grease.

Sauce oozed out with each bite. Deidre didn’t detect any sweetness in this great homemade sauce. Andrew liked the hint of zestiness, and thought it was a well-balanced base for this pizza.

The crust was soft all the way through, even at the ends. Deidre noticed it was on the thin side, but she expected it to be a little bit thinner. If you’re picking up the slices to eat them, folding them over is required because of the floppiness. Andrew noticed that some of the outer crust kind of unrolled when he picked it up, as if it didn’t really form a solid end in the cooking process. Not a big problem, but it did cause him to drop a slice.

The cold pizza was a winner. The crust held up very well, staying soft on the ends; and it was just thick enough on the bottom to stay nice and soft. The chicken was still deliciously crispy, and all the sauce paired nicely with milky mozzarella cheese.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4.5 = 8.5/10 slices

Harold Square
226 Rockingham Road, Londonderry

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