Manchester: Caesario’s Pizza and Subs

The skinny: While there are a few newer pizza places in downtown Manchester, one that seems to have been around forever is Caesario’s. And it certainly sticks out with classic, big, bright signage out in front on Elm Street.

Cesario's Pizza Manchester NH Sicilian pizza pepperoniPizzas here come in three sizes, the 10-inch small, the 14-inch medium and the 16-inch large. Toppings are fairly standard — barbecue chicken, anchovies and sausage to name a few — and there are just a few specialty pies. A plain cheese starts at $5.50 for the small, $7.50 for the medium and $9.05 for the large. Adding a topping like hamburger brings it up to $6.25, $8.50 and $10.95.

Other options include double dough, which adds $1.50 to the cost of the small, $2 to the cost of the medium and $3 to the cost of the large. If you’re unfamiliar with double dough, it’s pretty much what it sounds like — a whole lot of extra crust. But unlike Chicago-style pan pizza, double dough is cooked like a regular pizza.

Another choice is the Sicilian pizza, which costs $16. Adding toppings to the Sicilian costs $2 for each.

Review: It had been a while since we had ordered a Sicilian pizza to review, so we thought we’d go for it again. We chose meatball as a topping ($18).

The first surprise was when Andrew went up to the counter to bring the pizza back to the table. It was easy to see by the expression on his face that the pie was a tad heavier than he expected it to be.

Sliding slices onto our plates, it was confirmed how heavy the pizza really was. It quickly became apparent we would be eating fork-and-knife pizza. Even after one bite, we were slightly confused about the weight and the doughiness. We found out later that Caesario’s Sicilian and double dough pizzas are essentially the same thing — except its Sicilian is just shaped differently. Hmmm … Nevertheless, the dough was chewy and not bad, just a bit crunchy on the edges. Just not what we expected or necessarily wanted as the weather was warming up.

The layer of sauce was quite thin. Deidre found it just slightly on the sweet side. She thought her slices could have used a little more sauce, but wasn’t overly disappointed in what she was served. Andrew agreed for the most part, and thought the sauce stood out among the other toppings.

Deidre found the cheese to be the perfect amount. She thought it was slightly on the greasy side, but that could have been due to the meatball topping. It definitely had a bit of ooey-gooeyness going on.

The amount of meatball slices on the pizza was fairly average. Deidre thought the meat was tender and tasted the hints of seasoning in it, but she thought it could have been a lot more flavorful. She was happy it wasn’t dried out at all. And that was surprising to Andrew, because the meatball slices were so thin.

This was not a great pizza to eat cold. Andrew thought the heavy crust tasted even heavier, and the sauce and other toppings tasted rather bland.

Rating: Deidre: 3 / Andrew: 3 = 6/10 slices

Caesario’s Pizza and Subs
1057 Elm St., Manchester


  1. I totally have to disagree with your 6/10 rating! This place has been my all time favorite pizza joint for about 10 years now. Maybe not because of the pizza, but the other food on the menu is absolutely delicious. Its like ordering food at fancy restaurant and then eating it in a chill environment. Anyway, maybe whoever made your pizza was new. I’ve had my share of sub par meals due to new people over the last 10 years. I hope you’ll give them another shot. I highly recommend ANYTHING on the pasta menu.

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for commenting! We have heard good things about a number of menu items there. Considering we live fairly close to Caesario’s, I’m sure we’ll be back to try something else. Thanks for letting us know this place is worth revisiting!

  2. I’m not as high on the place as Dave is, but I think it deserves another trip back. Go for a traditional pizza offering. Your review sounds right, but I think double dough may hurt the overall product. Also, I know it’s a pizza blog, but get a side of seasoned fries. They really add to the overall feel of the place.

    • Ryan,
      Thanks for commenting! Glad to hear of another person who’s a fan. We’ve definitely heard the fries are good, so we’ll have to make a trip back for a few more menu items!

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