Penacook: Donatello’s Pizza

The skinny: We’d been looking to check out more pizza places in the Capital Region, so we took the suggestion of Twitter follower @martywatts and headed to Donatello’s, tucked into the village of Penacook.

Donatello's Pizza Penacook NH Cajun chicken pizzaPizzas here come in a variety of sizes: 10-inch small ($6.50/toppings $1.19), 14-inch medium ($9.95/toppings $1.45) and 16-inch large ($12.49/toppings $1.60), as well as the unbelievable 24-inch Dominator ($19.79/toppings $2.50) and the 28-inch Super Dominator ($23.99/toppings $2.75). We can’t even begin to imagine what these last two sizes look like.

Also available at Donatellos are a 10-inch calzone ($6.50/toppings 60 cents) and 14-inch calzone ($8.50/toppings $1), French bread pizza ($3.50/toppings 40 cents) and gluten-free crust.

Review: We looked at the long list of toppings and chose Cajun chicken to top our medium pizza ($11.40).

The first thing that stuck out was how fluffy the crust was. And this was a medium pizza … half the size of their insanely large Super Dominator.

Digging in, Andrew couldn’t wait to get a bite of the Cajun chicken — and there was plenty of it. Andrew thought the peppery chicken had a good level of spiciness — not scorching, but enough to make your face sweat a bit. Deidre liked the amount of seasoning, and the peppery kick stayed with her for a while.

Andrew thought the sauce seemed to have a bit of a kick of its own, with a substantial oregano flavor. But the spice didn’t really have a chance to compete with the chicken. Deidre found the sauce to be slightly sweet. Her only complaint was that there wasn’t enough of the thin sauce.

The amount of cheese, on the other hand, was just right. Deidre thought it had a really nice taste to it.

Andrew thought the crust was a standout. With a thinner bottom and a light, fluffy, chewy end, it was obvious this was a well-prepared pizza crust. Deidre agreed; the amount of end crust could have been a disaster on another pizza, but here, it was so soft and doughy.

This was one of the better cold pizzas Andrew has had. The dough maintained that light, fluffiness and the Cajun chicken was still moist and had a nice little kick.

Rating: Deidre: 4.5 / Andrew: 5 = 9.5/10 slices

Donatellos Pizza
15 Village St., Penacook


  1. Marty Watts says:

    Hey guys! Great review, and I’m glad you liked it. It’s nice to move into an area and find a gem like Donatello’s just a few minutes away. Next visit, you should try some of their speciality subs and jalepeno poppers!!


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