Derry: Juliano’s Italian Pizzeria

The skinny: We’ve driven by Juliano’s plenty of times without even knowing it, as it’s tucked in behind another plaza. A suggestion from Twitter follower @PattiAnastasia pointed us in the right direction.

Juliano's Derry pesto pizza sesame crustSizes here come in 7-inch mini ($4.25), 10-inch small ($5.75) and 14-inch large ($9.25). Calzones ($6.50) and smaller “calzettes” ($4.50) are also an option at Juliano’s.

There are more than 20 topping options here (basic toppings add 80 cents to the mini, $1.30 to the small and $1.95 to the large; premium toppings cost a bit more). Feta, eggplant and salami are among the choices.

There are eight specialty pie choices at Juliano’s. A few of the options include the Viva Italia ($6.50/$9.75/$16.95), with pesto, ricotta, roasted red pepper and cheese; the Eggplant Molisano ($6.50/$9.75/$16.95), topped with eggplant, red pepper, tomatoes and three cheeses; and the Supreme ($6.50/$9.75/$16.95), with pepperoni, sausage, hamburg, ham, green pepper, mushroom and onion.

Need a gluten-free option? That’s available in a 10-inch pizza, starting at $9.75.

Another great option here? Different crust toppings! For no extra charge, get sesame seeds, poppy seeds or garlic!

Review: We ordered a large pesto specialty pizza ($16.95). We also went with a sesame seed crust.

This particular pizza was topped with cheese, pesto sauce and tomatoes. The pesto combined with oil and formed a crunchy, thin coating on top of the pizza that Andrew thought was pure taste. Better yet, it seemed like it sealed in the flavors of the other toppings.

Deidre thought the amount of tomatoes was generous. She also appreciated that the tomatoes were chopped up small. Lots of pizza shops tend to leave large tomato slices, which she finds is harder to eat.

Deidre found the amount of cheese to be equally generous. Because it was quality cheese, she didn’t mind the excess. Andrew thought the cheese blend was delicious and matched the zesty pesto very well.

Deidre loved the crust. The bottom had some softer parts and some crispier bites. The sesame seeds atop the outer crust added a nice extra bonus to an already tasty crust, though Andrew thought the seeds tasted a bit overdone. But overall, sesame seed is a great option, and we’re surprised we haven’t seen more similar crust options at other pizzerias around New Hampshire.

The cold pizza wasn’t Andrew’s favorite, as the crust tasted a bit dried out, but the pesto and tomatoes added enough fresh flavor that he didn’t really mind.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4 = 8/10 slices

Juliano’s Italian Pizzeria
121 W. Broadway, Derry


  1. Juliano’s gluten-free pizza is so delicious. I’m not gluten-free, but many of my clients are. This is where I send them for gluten-free pizza.

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