Nashua: Christopher’s Subs & Pizza

The skinny: With as much time as we’ve spent in Nashua over the years, we’re not sure we’ve ever even seen Christopher’s Subs & Pizza.

Christopher's Subs & Pizza Nashua NH bacon pizzaStep inside the shop and you’ll immediately notice the old-school vibe. In fact, you’ll notice the kitchen split up into two areas — pizzas made on the right, everything else on the left.

The menu is definitely classic pizzeria, as well. We’re sure not much has changed since Christopher’s opened back in 1977. Pizzas here come in two sizes: 12-inch small (starting at $7.50) or 16-inch large (starting at $10.25).

There are only two specialty pizzas here: The Works ($11.50/15.25), which has pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and hamburger, and Vegetable ($10.50/$14), with tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers and onions.

Otherwise, you can choose your toppings — $1 for small, $1.25 for large — from among 13 traditional choices, such as sausage, black olive and pineapple.

Thanks to @WayneNH for the recommendation!

Review: We were pleasantly surprised by the slice pies we saw when we walked in, and we opted for Andrew’s favorite topping — bacon — on a large pizza ($11.50).

The smell of the bacon was the most noticeable part of the pizza when we brought it to our table. (Who doesn’t like the smell of bacon?!) Andrew described it as aromatic, it was that strong. The entire pizza was covered in bacon chunks, so we were able to get some in every bite. It dominated the flavor of this pizza, which was just fine with Andrew.

The next most noticeable part of the pizza was the crust. The bottom was uber-thin, which was nice. But the end crust was a completely different story. The end was huge and doughy. In fact, it took Deidre eight good-sized bites to get through the crust on one slice. It was like exercise for the jaw. Andrew was impressed that all parts of the crust had a nice, crispy layer on the outside … and that’s important when the bottom is as thin as this one was.

The tomato sauce was very thin. Deidre expected it to be on the sweet side, but was surprised that it wasn’t; it was somewhere between sweet and zesty. Andrew thought it was a good workhorse sauce, helping to deliver all the other elements.

And, finally, as good as the bacon was, it took away from the taste of the cheese. The cheese ended up being a bit on the greasy side, as is the case with a lot of meat toppings. However, Andrew and Deidre thought the amount of cheese was perfect.

The cold pizza turned out to be pretty excellent. Andrew likes cold pizza a bit more when the sauce is on the lighter side, as loads of cold sauce can overwhelm the taste buds. In this case, he was able to focus on his favorite parts: the cheese, bacon and crust. And all held up well after some time in the fridge.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4.5 = 8.5/10 slices

Christopher’s Subs & Pizza
264 Main Dunstable Road, Nashua


  1. Darlene Dery says:

    I’ve been going there since its inception. The Cheese steak sub is delicious and for something uniquely Christopher’s, try their Breakfast Sub. My one small wish is that they’d close for a short time and give the place a good once over.

  2. My introduction to Christopher’s was layout night at the high school newspaper (with rubber cement and bad clip art books – just like the old composing room). I remember using a napkin to soak up the puddles of grease on the pepperoni. It’s better now, though; either that, or my standards have changed. 🙂

    We live around the corner, so we still get takeout from there occasionally (there are at least five pizza/sub places in a two-mile radius of our house). The interior is EXACTLY the same.

  3. Jeff Mathews says:

    I got an overcooked, burned, and dry pizza and crappy service here on 3/17/16 at about 5:30 PM. I ordered a pizza to pick-up at a price of $13.08. After I arrived, I waited a good 5 minutes before a “trainee” decided that he should wait on me. I paid him with a $20 bill and a dime. He fumbled for a good five minutes trying to figure out what my change should be. Finally, I gave him a hint and said “My change should be $7.02”. He didn’t believe me and fumbled some more. Finally, I lost my patience and said “holy crap man……it’s basic math. 20 minus 13 is 7, and 10 minus 8 is 2”. The girl who was making the pizzas told me that I was rude to yell at him, and that the register does everything, and that they shouldn’t have to do any math. I took my dime back and the girl was able to give me correct change after consulting the register tape and the calculator on the counter. I used to order at Christopher’s quite often, but I don’t like lousy food and awful service.

    Jeff Mathews
    Nashua, NH

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