Nashua: Jack’s Pizza

The skinny: Jack’s Pizza is a tiny building on a busy street, so it’s easy to see why we would miss it. It’s probably one of the smallest pizzerias we’ve ever seen.

Jack's Pizza Nashua NH sausage and garlic pizzaAs the name would suggest, Jack’s is mainly all about one thing: pizza. Sure, there are a handful of side items on the menu, and it will soon start offering subs, but really, it’s a tiny place that seems to have focused on one priority.

Sizes at Jack’s are a 12-inch medium (starting at $8.25) and 16-inch large ($10.50). Add $1.25 for each medium topping and $1.50 for large toppings. And there’s a wide variety of toppings at 22 choices: spinach, anchovies, hot peppers and feta are just a few.

Calzones are also available here. The 12-inch medium starts at $7.25 and the 16-inch large starts at $9.50.

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Review: We ordered a large pizza with sausage and garlic and took it to go.  As we mentioned, the place is tiny, and the few places to sit aren’t incredibly inviting.

When we opened up the box, the first thing we noticed was all the sausage. It was spread on fairly heavily, giving you some in just about every bite. Deidre thought the sausage looked homemade and Andrew noted that each piece seemed to be bursting with fennel seeds. As we expected, the fennel had a huge impact on the flavor of the sausage. Andrew thought it was great and full of flavor, and Deidre loved the kick it brought to the meal.

The garlic was very evident about halfway through the cooking process. The topping was spread pretty unevenly, which led to many bites without garlic and a few with an overwhelming amount of garlic.

Jack’s bills itself as NY style, but Andrew thought the crust — chewy and doughy throughout — wasn’t exactly in that category. That’s not to say he didn’t like it, but it just wasn’t what was expecting. Deidre thought the thickness of her slices worked out really well.

Andrew thought the sauce was a bit zesty and the amount was just about right. Deidre thought the sauce was a little on the heavy side, but she didn’t mind, because she liked the taste of it. It was thin and had a hint of sweetness.

The cheese was fairly nondescript, but maybe it just didn’t shine as much as the sauce and sausage. Deidre didn’t find it too greasy, and she thought it held its own against the sausage.

The cold pizza was pretty good, with the dough remaining fairly chewy. The sausage still had a lot of flavor and really made the cold pizza.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4.5 = 8.5/10 slices

Jack’s Pizza
44 W. Hollis St., Nashua

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