Manchester: Pappy’s Pizza and Family Restaurant

The skinny: We’ve gotta agree with the sign that’s currently outside Pappy’s: “Seven days without pizza makes one weak.” (Are there people out there who actually go an entire week without the greatest food EVER?!)

Pappy's Pizza and Family Restaurant Manchester NH pepperoni pizzaPappy’s is a well-known spot with a wide-ranging menu in downtown Manchester and came highly recommended by Twitter followers @swflower and @travelbyrv.

Pizzas at Pappy’s are Greek-style and are served as 10-inch smalls ($6.40) and 14-inch larges ($9.95). They have just one specialty pie — the Deluxe ($11.50 for a small, $15.95 for a large), which includes green peppers, onions, hamburg, mushrooms and pepperoni.

Pappy’s has a fairly standard list of toppings, and, as expected, the prices go up with each addition. A 1-topping small is $8.25, and a large is $12.25. Each additional topping is about a dollar more for each.

Other pizza options here include pizza bagels (starting at $3.95), Syrian garlic bread pizza ($5.95), pizza sticks ($3.50) and calzones.

Review: Deidre had been a regular at Pappy’s for a few years when she lived around the corner from it, but she had strayed from ordering pizzas from the restaurant for quite some time. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza ($12.25) on our recent visit.

The first thing that Andrew noticed was the crust, which looked dry, and not at all like most pan-cooked Greek-style crusts. Once he picked up a slice, though, he noticed the bottom was crispy and buttery, more typical with Greek pizza. Deidre did find the crust to be just a tad dry, but she thought the end crust had a great balance of the initial crunch and softer inside. The bottom crust is sturdy enough for diners to pile on the toppings and not lose them all when they pick up their slice.

Like a lot of Greek pizzas, each slice felt kind of hefty — which makes sense since there was a good amount of cheese. Deidre noted that Pappy’s has always been heavy on the cheese; we can’t imagine anyone would ever find a need to order extra cheese as a topping, and she thinks actually asking for less cheese would be a smart idea. The pepperoni left a good amount of grease on top, but both Andrew and Deidre thought the cheese itself may have had a bit of its own grease. That said, he thought the cheese was gooey and tasty.

The pepperoni was fairly standard, Deidre thought. The amount of the topping was perfect, getting a piece in each bite.

Andrew thought the sauce was on the sweeter side, and like the cheese, it was laid on pretty thick. Deidre thought the opposite: She could have used a lot more sauce, especially considering how little of it there was as compared to the cheese. She found the sauce to be simple, in that the tomato taste was very apparent.

The cold pizza was decent, but not great. The end crust dried out and the grease on top of the pizza had hardened up a bit. But the combination of the cheese, sauce and pepperoni still put out enough flavor to make it a decent snack.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 3.5 = 7/10 slices

Pappy’s Pizza and Family Restaurant
1531 Elm St., Manchester

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