Wilton: C&S Pizza

The skinny: Returning from a recent day trip out west, we had a craving for, well, what else? We navigated our way to C&S Pizza, conveniently located directly across from the adorable Wilton Town Hall Theatre.

C & S Pizza and Subs Wilton NH sausage pizza Parmesan crust Pizzas here come in small, medium and large, starting at $5.75, $7.75 and $9.75, respectively. Toppings add between 75 cents and $1.50 each to the cost, and among the 18 topping choices are spinach, jalapenos, bacon and salami.

One interesting option here — especially for a small-town pizza joint — is the choice of flavored crusts: traditional, Parmesan cheese, and garlic and herb.

Also available are 21 specialty pies. Among them are the Asian ($9.50/$12.25/$14.75), topped with broccoli, onions, garlic and special seasoning; the Portobello ($11/$13/$14.75), with sauteed chicken strips, roasted peppers, mushrooms and onions; and the Mediterranean ($10.75/$12.50/$14.25), which is covered in garlic, artichokes, spinach and tomato.

And another idea: the Hoagie Pizza ($5), a sub roll split open and topped with sauce, cheese and one choice of topping.

Review: At C&S, we ordered a medium sausage pizza with Parmesan cheese crust ($8.95).

Deidre truly enjoyed the sausage topping. It completely covered the pizza. The pieces themselves were large and thick, and we both thought the meat packed a delayed sense of spiciness.

There wasn’t much of the very thin sauce. Deidre noted hints of zestiness in it, but Andrew thought it was really just plain.

Deidre was surprised by the cheese, which was nowhere near as greasy as it could have been with all of the sausage atop it. Andrew loved the creaminess of the cheese, and was happy there wasn’t too much.

The bottom crust was very thin, and Deidre thought the end crust had a nice crunch to it. Andrew loved the buttery flavor he got with the crust, a sign of a Greek-style pizza done right. Deidre was slightly bummed that the Parmesan cheese crust wasn’t as detectable as she had hoped; it appeared to have been just a slight sprinkle around the edges. That was enough for Andrew, though.

The cold pizza was pretty delicious, with the sausage and the Parmesan packing plenty of flavor. Since the pizza wasn’t too greasy, there wasn’t much of it congealed on top as with some Greek-style pies.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4 = 8/10 slices

C&S Pizza
35 Main St., Wilton
654-2333, CandSpizza.com


  1. C&S sadly went out of business a few months ago after the original owners retired. It was open for about 8 months with a different name but is now closed permanently.

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