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The skinny: A trip out to the Seacoast was in order for our latest pizza craving. We headed to North Hampton for some wood-fired pizza at 180 Restaurant & Bar.

180 Restaurant & Bar North Hampton Margherita pizza

Margherita pizza

Pizzas at 180 are made in small (starting at $9) and large (starting at $13). Toppings are $1 and $2, respectively; there’s a good selection of choices such as homemade meatballs, hot Italian peppers and goat cheese crumbles.

There are a dozen specialty pizzas here. A few worth looking into are The Seacoast Meat ($14/$18), with meatballs, sausage, bacon, pepperoni and ham; the Meatball Pizza ($11/$15), which also includes ricotta and basil; and the Marinated Steak Tip Pizza ($14/$18), which also has zucchini, garlic and arugula.

Thanks to @KatieJOConnor for the suggestion!

Review: We opted to each get our own small pizza. We were told by our server that these were about 10 inches, but they appeared to be much larger when they arrived at our table.

Andrew ordered the Bleeker St. Pizza ($13), which was topped with salami, mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, while Deidre chose the simple Margherita ($9), covered with mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil. Since the base pizzas were the same, we’ll talk about crust, sauce and cheese first, then move on to toppings.

180 Restaurant & Bar North Hampton NH Bleeker St. Pizza

Bleeker St. Pizza

Deidre was excited to bite into the crust. The wood-fired style left darker marks around the end crust, and it did not disappoint. Each piece offered the perfect amount of crispiness, and considering how thin the crust was, it was easy to bite into. The bottom crust didn’t offer the same crunch; in fact, Deidre noted how soft it was, making it almost unnoticeable.

The sauce was equally thin, and Deidre also found it to be almost undectable. If she wasn’t able to see the red sauce popping through the cheese, she may have thought it was a white pizza. The hints of sweetness she tasted with each bite proved there was some taste. Due to the thinness of the pie as a while, she thought it overall still worked.

The cheese was not greasy at all. Deidre noted the combination of shredded cheese and slices of mozzarella on her pizza, and she looked forward to the bites where she reached the fresh white cheese. Andrew liked the cheese on his pizza, too, which was creamy, and in just the right amount.

Deidre’s only topping was really the basil. Small shreds of basil were distributed evenly over the pie. There was a good amount of it, but not enough of it that the flavor was out of control.

On Andrew’s pie, he thought the tomatoes were a good addition, given the light sauce. Big slices of tomato always seem to add a bit of freshness to a pizza, especially welcome in the dead of winter.

The salami was the most interesting part of the pizza for Andrew. It had plenty of flavor, but nowhere near as much grease as its cousin, pepperoni. Andrew was pretty surprised he’d never had salami as a pizza topping before.

180’s pizza passed the cold pizza test with flying colors. The crust was just a bit dried out, which is to be expected after some time in the fridge. But the benefit of  less grease from the salami meant the top of the pizza wasn’t a big mess of congealed grease. That left plenty of room for all the flavors to still shine through.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4.5 = 8.5/10 slices

180 Restaurant & Bar
180 Lafayette Road, North Hampton

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