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Pizza Mia Bedford NH Chicken Parmesan PizzaThe skinny:¬†Pizza Mia sticks out a bit on Route 101 in Bedford, mostly because there really aren’t that many pizza places on that stretch of road. While we’ve passed by countless times on trips west, we had never stopped in until one recent evening.

While we saw a decent amount of take-out customers come and go, Pizza Mia also has a nice, comfy sit-down section.

Pizzas here come in two sizes, the 10-inch small and the 16-inch large. You can start with the basic cheese for $8.15 for a small and $11.65 a large; adding basic toppings adds $1.65 for a small and $2.25 for the large. Chicken or steak toppings add $3.60 and $4.65.

All of the pizzas are numbered 1-20, starting with the basics of cheese (#1) and pepperoni (#2). There are some standard specialty pies, such as #18, The Heart Stopper ($13.25 for a small, $18.99 for a large), which includes pepperoni, hamburger, sausage, ham, bacon and extra cheese; and #5, The Vegetarian ($10.25, $15.45). The most interesting offering is #19, Thai Chicken ($13.25, $18.99), which includes chicken, spicy peanut sauce, mushrooms, red peppers, pepper jack and Asiago cheese.

Review: We ordered a large Chicken Parmesan pizza ($18.55) for this visit.

Deidre was immediately surprised by the cheese. For a fairly thin pizza, there was a lot of cheese weighing down each slice; looking at the slice from the side, the cheese was thicker than the bottom crust. She was, however, even more surprised that she enjoyed all of the provolone, Parmesan and mozzarella that covered each slice — the amount reminded her of what a pizza with an extra cheese topping truly should taste like. It was a little greasy — but we embraced it.

The heaviness of the cheese meant the cheese-to-sauce ratio was a bit off. The pizza could have used a tad more sauce, but the slices weren’t lacking for the taste of the sauce. The marinara was slightly sweet, and we were encouraged by all the pieces of of tomato skin we came across — something we haven’t seen in a while —¬†leading us to believe the sauce was definitely homemade.

We also really enjoyed the crust. As we mentioned, the slices were a bit heavy, so we dined on our slices with a fork and knife. The crust was very soft and doughy, making the end crust a pleasure to get to. The bottom crust was just as easy to eat.

Deidre’s least favorite part of the pie was the chicken topping, though Andrew didn’t necessarily agree. While Deidre found the chicken a tad too dry — leaving it unmatched against all the other great flavors on the pizza — Andrew thought it was just juicy enough. Deidre also wasn’t crazy about the dried herbs that covered the pieces of poultry, but for Andrew, this was the one thing that really sold him on the chicken. We did agree on one thing here, that we appreciated that the chicken wasn’t breaded and friend, like on most chicken parm pizzas. And the amount of chicken was decent — we had a piece in about every other bite, though the pieces were a bit small and hard to spot under all that cheese.

Andrew thought the pizza tasted pretty much the same after some time in the fridge. The crust stayed nice and chewy on the ends, and the cheese was still thick and delicious. But still, he wished there was a bit more sauce.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4 = 8/10 slices

Pizza Mia
460 Route 101, Bedford

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