Weare: Dimitri’s Pizza and Restaurant

Dimitri's Pizza Weare NH chicken and bacon pizzaThe skinny: We’re not sure if there’s a law, but it seems that every small town in the Granite State has its own Greek-style pizza place. In Weare, that’d be Dimitri’s.

And Dimitri’s is definitely Greek, right down to the menu with the tear-off number at the bottom.

Pizzas here come in two sizes, small and large. The standard cheese costs $6.50 for the small and $10.50 for a large. Most toppings add $1.25 to the cost of a small and $1.50 to the cost of the large. Dimitri’s has a few specialty pizzas, including the Veggie Deluxe and Mexican ($11.25 for a small, $16.50 for a large).

If Greek-style isn’t your thing, Dimitri’s also offers a french bread pizza ($3.75 for cheese, add 50 cents for one topping and $1.25 for two toppings). Unfortunately, we didn’t try it, so we can’t say whether it’s better than Stouffer’s offering.

Thanks to @NBDEMS for the suggestion on Dimitri’s.

Review: Andrew pulled the “bacon card,” and we ordered a large chicken and bacon pizza ($13.50).

When the pizza came out, all we could smell was the bacon. And there was a lot of it. Andrew thought it looked like the pieces were placed on uncooked, which meant all the grease cooked out on top of the pizza … not the best way to handle the world’s most perfect meat. The bacon was just a bit crispy, and had a weird kind of aftertaste.

The chicken was grilled and interspersed with the bacon well, which meant that every bite had some meat in it. That said, Andrew thought the chicken was pretty flavorless.

Andrew found it hard to detect the sauce among the cheese and meat (and grease), but it was on the sweet side. Andrew would have preferred if it was just a bit heavier so you could actually taste it. Deidre agreed, preferring more sauce than what was provided.

Deidre was expecting lots of cheese on the pizza — typical on Greek pies — but was pleasantly surprised by a reasonal amount. It was greasy, but it was hard for us to tell if that was due to the bacon.

The crust was great — our favorite part — with a thin crunchy bottom and a flavorful outer edge. Andrew and Deidre thought the crust even looked amazing, lightly browned all the way around. Deidre noted how light it was, making it easy to not fill up on the pizza so quickly.

The cold pizza wasn’t bad. Andrew was expecting a bunch of congealed grease, but it wasn’t so bad. And the crust held up well.  Most importantly, the bacon tasted a bit better to Andrew’s discerning palate.

Rating: Deidre: 3 / Andrew: 3= 6/10 slices

Dimitri’s Pizza and Restaurant
Weare Center Plaza, Route 114, Weare
529-4300, dimitrispizza.webs.com

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