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Market Basket Hooksett NH sausage and peppers pizzaThe skinny: With a few Market Basket grocery stores popping up around the Manchester area recently, the region has been abuzz with a new shopping option that features great deals.

Included in these deals is the supermarket’s Market’s Kitchen, which has a full takeout menu. Among salads, subs, wraps, paninis and more, there’s the reason we were drawn to it: freshly made pizzas.

Market’s Kitchen calls its pizzas brick-oven style, and they all come in 19 inches. Pizzas start at a reasonable $8.99. Add $2 for each topping; available choices are extra cheese, pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper, onion, black olive, sausage, pineapple, ham, broccoli, garlic and chicken.

Market’s Kitchen also sells a Sicilian-style pizza (starting at $10.99).

Review: On a recent trip to the grocery store, Andrew brought home a sausage and green pepper pizza ($12.99). It’s hard not to already love the convenience — after the exhaustive chore of grocery shopping — to have ready-made food set to eat for lunch.

When we opened the box, two things stuck out: first, the pizza had an amazing aroma; and second, it looked huge.

The peppers were chopped up fairly small, but they were fresh and offered the texture this pizza needed. (They should be fresh, with peppers being sold to customers only a few feet away!) Deidre thinks the pizza could have used a little more of the topping. Andrew agreed that the topping was a bit sparing, but still enjoyed the crunch of the little pieces in each bite.

There were three or four pieces of sausage per slice, so it wasn’t available for every bite. Deidre noted some spicy hints to it, but felt it really should have packed more of a kick to it; it was too mild for her taste, which left it more flavorless than she would have liked. Andrew agreed that the sausage was a bit too tame, just your average, prepackaged sausage.

We both found the amount of cheese to be pretty heavy; it weighed down each slice we picked up. But it wasn’t all that greasy, which we definitely appreciated.

Because of the heaviness of the cheese, it was almost impossible to taste the sauce. It was very thin, and Deidre couldn’t detect it in almost any bite. Andrew went searching for a little glob of sauce, and was disappointed to find that it really didn’t have much flavor at all.

The crust itself also had some heft. It was soft on the bottom and the end. Deidre really enjoyed the end crust, which tasted like a good fresh-baked bread. Combining this with the heavy cheese and toppings, and this was a very filling pizza. We’re able to easily demolish a pizza, but we only made it about halfway through this one.

The cold pizza was pretty delicious, with the taste mostly unchanged from when it was hot out of the oven. It’s always nice when a pizza doesn’t make a crazy transformation for the worse after some time in the fridge.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 3.5 = 7/10 slices

Market Basket
30 Market Drive, Hooksett


  1. Working next to one of the new Market Baskets in Burlington, MA, I frequently stop there for lunch. I’ve found that the pizza quality completely depends on the employee working the station that day. They tend to rotate through the Market Kitchen areas, and it’s possible to find someone just going through the motions of making the pizza.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that the dough is purchased from Sal’s.

    • Sully, we definitely agree that some places like this can be hit or miss. On a few visits prior to ordering this pizza, we did check out the slices at the counter, and it hasn’t always looked up to par.
      And good to know about the Sal’s crust — it’s been a while since we’ve had Sal’s, so we’ll have to check it out soon to compare!

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