Hudson: Adamo’s Pizza

Adamo's Pizza Hudson NH chicken parm pizzaThe skinny: When Adamo’s opened a number of years ago, it quickly became a favorite spot for takeout with our friends and co-workers in the Nashua area.

A big reason behind that might just be that it’s one of the only non-Greek options in Hudson. Another reason is likely that Adamo’s is connected to Bull Run Beef. The seemingly neverending array of great cuts of marinated meats adds quite a bit to the menu.

Pizzas at Adamo’s come in two sizes, 12 inches ($6.95) and 16 inches ($9.50). Each topping adds 85 cents to the small and $1.50 to the large. It also offers a thick-crust Sicilian pie for $13.99, with each topping adding $1.50 to the total.

There are a decent number of specialty pizzas on the menu, including a number of white pizzas. Most of the options are fairly typical, but there are a few wild ones. The Reuben, for example, ($8.95, $14.25) includes pretty much what you’d expect: corned beef, sauerkraut  and what’s called a “Thousand Island & Swiss cheese pizza blend.” The Morkie ($9.95, $14.50) also caught our eye, mainly for the name, but also for its combo of sausage, grilled green peppers, roasted red peppers and ricotta cheese.

There’s also a good number of specialty calzones on the menu; if you get the Steak & Cheese, you get to pick between several types of marinated steak.

Review: On our recent visit, we ordered a large Chicken Parm pie ($13.95).

We immediately knew the chicken was going to be the best part, thanks to the Bull Run connection. The fried chicken pieces were huge, requiring a fork and knife to get through them. Deidre loved the crispy breading and the noted some hints of seasoning in the breading that gave it a little something extra.

Our pizza had quite a bit of cheese. We weren’t sure if by ordering a Chicken Parm pizza, it meant we got extra cheese, but we thought it was a little heavy. Andrew thought he detected some Parmesan cheese in the mix, which would make sense. Deidre also found it greasier than she expected.

The crust was very doughy and soft, but not too thick, which Deidre thinks is a great combination. The bottom crust was surprisingly thick and even got up to a half-inch thick in some places.

Deidre’s biggest disappointment in the pizza was the sauce. After all, what’s chicken parm without incredible sauce? As we got closer to the end crust, we could detect some, but hardly enough to form an opinion, and definitely not enough to give us the nice balance of sauce, cheese and crust we love.

When Andrew dug into some cold pizza the next day, his disappointment over the lack of sauce was magnified. With everything inevitably drying out a bit in the fridge, you need the sauce to balance things out. That said, the good parts were still pretty good: the crust was chewy and delicious, the cheese creamy and the chicken crunchy.

Rating: Deidre: 3 / Andrew: 3.5 = 6.5/10 slices

Adamo’s Pizza
142 Lowell Road, Hudson

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