Hampton: Cristy’s Pizza

Christy's Pizza Hampton Beach, NH cheese pizzaThe skinny: Neither one of us were too familiar with the concept of “beach pizza” prior to our trip to Cristy’s in Hampton. Deidre spent her summers growing up on the Cape with grandparents who didn’t like pizza (gasp!), and in all his years visiting Hampton, Andrew never noticed anything special about the pizza there.

We did a little online research prior to our Cristy’s trip to learn about these famous square slices. We knew what — and what not — to expect. And that there are some serious opinions for and against beach pizza.

Cristy’s might have the littlest menu we’ve ever seen. At Cristy’s Pizza, you really can only get pizza. A slice of cheese sets you back $1.75, and with a topping, you’ll need to fork over another quarter. And here’s what Cristy’s offers for toppings: provolone or American cheese, anchovies, pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms. That’s it. For real.

Need a little more ‘za? A large box of eight plain slices is $12, or $14 if you choose one topping. Have even more hungry mouths to feed? A full tray (20 slices) will cost you $30, and adding a topping will bring you up to $35.

And even though summer is starting to come to a close, don’t fret: Cristy’s is open year round.

Review: Normally we order a whole pie, but since we were at the beach, we thought we’d do what we assume most customers here do: Order a couple slices, and get right back to the beach.

Andrew opted for two plain slices, while Deidre added provolone, one of her favorite cheeses.

As we took our first bites, it was clear the crust was a winner. Deidre was gushing over the super crispy crust after the first bite. As soon as she picked up her first slice, she just knew it was going to offer the perfect amount of crispiness without being dry. She then worried that the end crust would be too crispy, but she was surprised again: It was the ideal balance of crispy on the outside and a slight chew on the inside. Andrew and Deidre agreed the crust could have been a tad more flavorful, but the crispy factor was done so well, we let it slide a little.

Deidre wasn’t sure about the sauce upon first glance — it looked like the thinness of it may not have been ideal for the perfect pizza ratio. Again, the first bite changed all that. She was happy that the sauce slightly oozed a bit with each bite. Visually, she detected a few herbs on her slices, but none of them stood out to her during the review process. Andrew thought the sauce was fairly tart, which combined with the seasoning, made it really stand out.

While Andrew went for plain slices, Deidre watched as a large slice of provolone was placed on her slices by the staff, then placed in the oven to warm up for some ultimate meltiness. Deidre took a bite of the plain slice to compare, then concluded that the provolone gave her slices the better balance. Though Andrew didn’t compare the two, he liked his regular cheese slice just fine.

No cold pizza to review this time around — are there ever leftovers to take home from the beach?!

Rating: Deidre: 4.5 / Andrew: 4.5 = 9/10 slices

Cristy’s Pizza
1 Riverview Terrace, Hampton

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