Moultonborough: Archeez Pizza & Grill

Archeez Pizza & Grill Center Harbor NH barbecue sauce hamburger bacon pizzaThe skinny: On our recent vacation to the Lakes Region, we knew we had to do some “work.” We chose the pizzeria that was closest to our rental house: Archeez Pizza & Grill.

Pizzas here can be ordered in small ($6.99), medium ($8.99) and large ($9.99). Toppings (50 cents/75 cents/$1.10) are standard here and include the usual mushrooms, sausage and pepperoni.

Archeez offers 11 specialty pizzas for the hungry masses. A few of these include the Super Cheese ($7.99/$9.99/$13.99), which is topped with Monterey Jack, mozzarella, Parmesan and provolone; the Chicken Catcha ($8.79/$10.99/$13.99), covered in breaded chicken, onion and green peppers; and the Load It Up ($9.99/$12.59/$15.79), which has green peppers, onion, black olives, mushrooms, sausage, hamburg and pepperoni.

The eatery also offers an 8-inch personal flatbread pizza with two toppings for $6.99.

Review: At Archeez, we ordered a medium Alexandria ($10.99), which consisted of hamburg, bacon and barbecue sauce.

This pizza was loaded with toppings, but the first thing Andrew noticed was how light and fluffy the crust looked. And his eyes didn’t deceive him: the pizza thick and fluffy, and just a bit chewy. As a bonus, the crust had just the slightest crunch. Deidre enjoyed that crunch.

Andrew is a big bacon fan — who isn’t, really? — but the bacon on top of this pizza didn’t seem like anything special to him. The same went for the hamburger topping. Which isn’t to say either was bad, but neither stood out in his mind. Deidre noticed the topping quantity more over the quality: There was quite a bit more bacon than hamburg. She appreciated the amount of meaty goodness on top of each slice.

What did stick out for Andrew was the barbecue sauce on top of the pizza. Instead of replacing the usual tomato sauce, the barbecue sauce was poured on top. That meant the barbecue sauce wasn’t everywhere, and you’d hit small flavorful pockets every other bite or so. Andrew thought the barbecue sauce added lots of great flavor without interfering with the typical pizza flavor. Tastewise, Deidre detected the BBQ sauce moreso than the tomato sauce — which she enjoyed — and she instantly picked up the sauce’s sweetness.

That typical pizza flavor worked well, too, because the ratio of sauce to cheese was just perfect. While the sauce didn’t stick out that much to Andrew, the cheese was great and worked well with the tangy barbecue sauce.

Andrew thought the crust lost a bit of its flair after some time in the fridge, but the bacon and hamburger actually tasted a bit better. And of course the barbecue sauce still had tons of flavor.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 4.5 = 8/10 slices

Archeez Pizza & Grill
70 Whittier Highway, Moultonborough

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