Manchester: Johnny Troy’s Italian Restaurant

Johnny Troy's Italian Specialties Manchester NH meatball pizzaThe skinny: Even when you think you know a city pretty well, it can be easy enough to miss out on a restaurant.

We took up Facebook fan Liz’s suggestion of this Manchester restaurant.

Thin crust pizzas at Johnny Troy’s are served in two sizes: 10-inch small ($5) and 16-inch large ($9.50). More than a dozen toppings are listed on the menu, such as Roma tomatoes, spinach and salami; on a small pizza, add 75 cents each, and on a large, add $1.50.

Specialty thin crust pizzas include Prosciutto & Caramelized Onions White Pizza ($7.95/$13.50); Grilled Chicken Portofino ($8.25/$14), with chicken, mushrooms, onions and a three-cheese blend; and Roma Tomatoes & Basil White Pizza ($6.95/$13).

Thin crust pizza not your thing? Johnny Troy’s also offers Sicilian. These 16- by 16-inch pizzas start at $15.25, and toppings are $2.50 each. Several specialty pizzas are served in Sicilian form, as well; try the Meat Lovers ($21), with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs and bacon, or The Flag Pizza ($17.95), which is split in red, white and green sections with a few choices of veggie toppings.

Johnny Troy’s also offers calzones ($8.50-$22), including specialties such as Steak Pizzaiola, Veal Parmesan, and Grilled Chicken & Broccoli.

Review: During our recent visit, we ordered a large thin crust meatball pizza ($11).

The menu promised “extra thin crust,” and Deidre has been on the hunt for more pizzas with this feature. Johnny Troy’s passed this test with flying colors. While it was crunchy on the edges, the middle was a bit floppy, requiring the “New York fold.”

Similar to the crust, the pizza’s sauce was also very thin. Visually, it was hard to detect; the taste of the sauce alone was also hard to find, but when Deidre isolated it, she noted a deep tomato flavor. Andrew thought the sauce was just a bit sweet, which made him wish there was more of it.

The cheese was delicious, spread on in a fairly thin layer. Even though it was thin, the cheese still brought plenty of creaminess.

Sticking with the thin theme, the slices of meatball were very thin, too. But they were also pretty big, so most bites had at least a bit of meatball in it. Andrew was a bit disappointed that the meatball wasn’t very zesty, but it was still pretty flavorful.

The cold pizza was a bit tough, crust-wise, but the toppings provided just enough flavor to enjoy it.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 3.5 = 7/10 slices

Johnny Troy’s Italian Restaurant
2075 S. Willow St., Manchester

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