Concord: C.C. Tomatoes

CC TomatoesThe skinny: We’ve been spending a little more time north in the Capital City lately, and because of that, we needed to find more acceptable pizzerias here.

@Collinjc775 had recommended C.C. Tomatoes to us, and after checking out the menu online, we were excited for dinner one recent weekday night.

Brick-oven pizzas can be ordered in two sizes here: 14-inch small ($9.95) and 18-inch grande ($11.95). Twenty-six toppings make up the list here, and you can order selections such as anchovies, hot peppers, zucchini and even mozzarella balls. Toppings are $1.50 each on a small, $2 each on a large.

Seventeen specialty pies are ready to tempt you, such as the Sausage Lasagna ($12.95/$15.95), which is covered in sausage, ricotta, tomato sauce and mozzarella; the Presto ($11.95/$13.95), which has pepperoni, plum tomatoes and extra mozzarella; and the Giardino ($11.95/$13.95), which combines eggplant and mushrooms with fresh herbs, garlic, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Eight specialty calzones also appear on the menu, and all are less than $10.

Review: At C.C. Tomatoes, we ordered a small Carnivore ($13.95), which had pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, rosemary ham, bacon, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Deidre was immediately excited by the crust. She had been waiting way too long for a pizza with a crunchier bottom crust. It wasn’t a heavy crunch, but it was able to hold the load of meats and cheeses atop it easily. She also noted some of the beautiful blackened char on the end crust, which signaled the crispiness she was seeking. Each bite had just enough of a crisp outer edge and a softer inside to make it one of the best crusts she’s had in a while.

The cheese was very heavy. It reminded Deidre of a Greek-style pizza, except for the fact that the cheese was much more likable. This was pure mozzarella, laid on thick, so it was creamy and chewy. Andrew thought this might have been the most mozzarella we’ve had on a pizza.

The sauce, unfortunately, was masked by the heaviness of the cheese. Andrew dug a bit and found the sauce to be pretty neutral, maybe a bit on the sweet side. He and Deidre both wished there was just a bit more.

Multiple meat tastes were detected throughout the pizza. Deidre thought the standouts were the sausage, which was plentiful and spicy, and the ham, which reminded her of a traditional Easter dinner. Andrew also loved the complex flavors of the ham and sausage. By comparison, the bacon and pepperoni seemed downright pedestrian.

Andrew thought the cold pizza was deliciously meaty. Adding in that the crust still tasted crispy and delicious, and this was one awesome cold pizza.

Rating: Deidre: 4.5 / Andrew: 4.5 = 9/10 slices

C.C. Tomatoes
209 Fisherville Road, Concord

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