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TripoliThe skinny: During our first trip to the beach this year, we knew what we had to do before we curled our toes in the sand. We needed some real beach pizza, near the beach, and during this trip to the Seacoast, we chose to visit Tripoli’s.

Andrew remembers this location – there are three others in Massachusetts – as an old Dairy Queen, and we had a similar experience when we had to order our food out the window and wait outside till it was ready.

This near 100-year-old operation (the original is in Lawrence, Mass.) keeps a straightforward menu here, as we’ve come to expect with our beach pizza. The square slices start at $1.75, a Box of 8 Slices starts at $12, and the Tray of 20 Slices starts at $30.

There are nine topping choices at Tripoli: Pepperoni, mushroom, black olives, pepper/onion, provolone, American and cheddar will set you back 25 cents each per slice, while you’ll have to bump it up to 50 cents per slice if you want to get meaty with sausage or bacon.

For beach pizza fans who enjoy taking slices home, Tripoli offers a take-home option: 5 frozen plain slices for $6.

Tripoli also offers a gluten-free pizza option, and this location is open year round.

Review: On this trip, we ordered a Box of 8 Slices, half with bacon for Andrew and half with extra provolone cheese and pepperoni for Deidre ($15). These slices were steaming hot when we got them, but it didn’t stop us from digging right in.

The sauce at Tripoli was sweet, but not in an overpowering way. The taste of tomato actually stood out to Deidre more than the sweetness – which is just how she prefers this beach pizza. She also found the amount of the sauce to be proportionate to the rest of the slice’s ingredients; while it didn’t look like much was put on the piece, the taste proved otherwise.

Deidre has decided that provolone is just a must on her beach pizza. It was perfectly melty, and she found that she really had to bite into it each time to make sure the whole piece of cheese didn’t land on her face. She loved the flavor of the provolone with the other pizza ingredients. Andrew, not being a big provolone fan anyway, will stick with the standard cheese on his beach pizza, thank you very much. He found the mozzarella cheese at Tripoli to be a perfect amount for him.

Deidre had never had pepperoni on her beach pizza before, and she thinks this will be the last time she orders it. While she didn’t think it tasted bad, it made her slice much too greasy, and the meat got a little lost with the provolone. She thinks the slices are just perfect with the slice of provolone alone.

Andrew wasn’t highly impressed by the bacon, but being that it’s bacon, he still liked it. His main issue: it just didn’t seem to be cooked all that well. Not that it was raw, but it wasn’t as crispy as he’s accustomed to. As it was, it added the salty meatiness you’d expect from a bacon topping and helped balance out the sweetness of the sauce. Unlike Deidre and pepperoni, he’d order this topping again.

The bottom crust had the slight crunch you hope for from beach pizza — not too hard, not too soft, but just right. The same consistency held up for the end crust. We can see why so many beach pizza fans request the corner slices, and we plan to do so in the future.

Andrew was a bit surprised that the pizza still had just the right amount of crunch when he dug into a slice after time in the fridge. The standout on the cold pizza, though, was the excellent sauce. The bacon, sadly, was just OK. But Andrew is willing to concede he might have gotten too much sun, clouding his judgement. Regardless, this pizza definitely holds up well cold.

Rating: Deidre: 4.5 / Andrew: 5 = 9.5 /10 slices

Tripoli Pizza
418 State Route 286, Seabrook


  1. tricia cooley says:

    Hi! I loved your recent review of Tripoli’s Pizza in Seabrook, NH! I love them as well. I was just wondering… I did not notice them on your ‘leaderboard’ section? -Trish

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