Waterville Valley: Olde Waterville Pizza Co.

Olde Waterville Pizza Co. Waterville Valley NH pizzaThe skinny: On the first night of our fourth anniversary trip, we arrived at Waterville Valley a little later than we had hoped – and we were starving. Naturally, we wanted to stuff as much pizza into our faces as we could, as we always do whenever we hear our stomachs growling. Conveniently enough, the Town Square has a few restaurants, so of course we made a beeline for the Olde Waterville Pizza Co.

The menu at this resort pizzeria features just the basics, but we’re sure that vacationers here can easily find a dish to fill their cheesy, saucy cravings. It serves New York-style pizza, and the pies are offered in 12 inches ($9.99) and 16 inches ($12.99).

Toppings here also cover the basics, and they cost $1.30 each on a small pizza and $1.60 on a large (except for chicken, which is $2 and $3, respectively). Toppings here include pepperoni, spinach, feta and eggplant, among 17 choices.

Review: Andrew craved chicken and bacon, so we ordered the small version of that pizza ($13.29). Deidre wasn’t sure this was exactly New York style, as she thought the pizza had a fairly nondescript look to it. And it was pretty doughy, too, which puts it squarely out of the New York category.

The first thing Deidre noticed is similar to the something she’s noticed on a number of pizzas lately: the sauce – or lack of it. She’d love to know if there’s a tomato sauce shortage in New Hampshire, because she’s been pretty disappointed by the cheese-sauce ratios lately. Andrew tried tasting a little glob of sauce, but that didn’t yield much as far as the sauce’s flavor.

Deidre thought Andrew got it half-right with his topping choices. The chicken was on the drier side. And while the amount of chicken would have been fine normally, the fact that it was a bit dried out made the slices harder to get through. The bacon, however, made up for the chicken’s downfalls. It was a little on the greasy side, but it worked on this pie. It wasn’t spread out throughout the pizza evenly, so each bite didn’t always have some of this meaty goodness. The great thing about bacon, Andrew noted, is it’s hard to screw up. On a pizza without a ton of flavor, he thought the bacon really stood out. It may not have saved this pizza, but it definitely didn’t hurt.

Much like the sauce, it was difficult to pinpoint any taste in the cheese. Surprisingly, Deidre thought, all the bacon grease didn’t affect the cheese, and there were definitely a number of spots of the pizza that weren’t completely greased over.

The crust was also fairly average. The bottom held up well so that we could pick up the slices and eat them, but the end crust just wasn’t as good as Deidre had hoped for. Andrew thought it was odd that the sauce went over the pizza edge almost all the way around. He thought that was a big reason the end crust just wasn’t crispy.

The cold pizza just wasn’t all that great, sadly. Andrew found himself eating around the chicken, which was even more dried out. The bacon pieces were too few and far between to help all that much. This was a rare cold slice that Andrew didn’t want to finish.

Rating: Deidre: 2.5 / Andrew: 2.5 = 5/10 slices

Olde Waterville Pizza Co.
Town Square, Waterville Valley

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