Whitefield: Tavern at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa

Mountain View Grand Whitefield NH Buffalo Chicken Flatbread PizzaThe skinny: During our anniversary trip up north, we had planned to just drive around and see what was up there. There were a number of towns we wanted to drive through, and when we saw signs for Whitefield, we made a little detour so that we could visit the Mountain View Grand. This gorgeous resort has always been a place Deidre has wanted to check out, and she had hopped out of the car to take pictures almost before the car was at a complete stop.

We walked around the area for a while, taking in the views and enjoying cooler temperatures, when we realized it was lunchtime. Not realizing that the Tavern’s lunch was as affordable as it was until we brought up the menu on our phone, we knew we had to stay a little longer.

The Tavern isn’t a pizza place by any means, but if there’s pizza on the menu, we’ll find it. Of course, our eyes zeroed in on their two flatbread pizzas.

Review: We weren’t completely famished, but there were a couple appetizers we wanted to order. So we munched on crab cakes and chips and salsa as we decided which of the two personal flatbreads we were going to order: the Pesto Pizza ($10), which was topped with pesto, spinach, tomato, mozzarella and Asiago cheese, or the Buffalo Chicken Pizza ($12), which was covered with hot sauce, spinach, mozzarella and blue cheese, tomatoes and crispy chicken. We opted for the latter.

We were seated right next to a huge window overlooking the White Mountains, and the beautiful colors we saw outside from the trees and flowers somehow also made their way onto our table when our pizza arrived. We’re so used to the orange and yellowy-white combination that the red and green colors were such a nice surprise.

Deidre took the first bite, and – wow – there was a lot of blue cheese. As much as Deidre loves buffalo chicken, she’s always thought of herself as more of a buffalo chicken purist, preferring it without the cooling flavor of blue cheese. She wasn’t sure right away if she just wasn’t used to the blue cheese, or if there was a lot of it. Andrew confirmed that, yes, there was a ton a blue cheese, but he was cool with it (we’ll get to more on that in a moment). As for the mozzarella, we agreed that it was masked by its stronger counterpart, but we both thought less mozzarella worked on this summer flatbread.

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen spinach or diced tomatoes on a buffalo chicken pizza before, but as we thought about it more, we wondered why more places don’t jazz up their specialty pies – such as a classic buffalo chicken pizza – with something unexpected. The spinach’s taste was slightly buried under meal’s stronger flavors, but the tomatoes provided another cooling element in this spicy pie. And what a bonus to get a few more veggies into our day!

This wasn’t exactly buffalo chicken on the pizza. Hot sauce was spread around the pizza, then chicken cubes were placed on top. While Deidre would have preferred buffalo chicken pieces, she acknowledged that this was one of the prettier pizzas she’s seen, and it may not have had the same visual impact if it had been created that way. Deidre also noticed that the chicken pieces were grilled chicken, not crispy chicken pieces, but once she got a look at the flatbread, she thought the grilled chicken was the better choice. Each slice packed enough heat for Deidre – who loves the scalding tastes on her tongue – but it proved to be a bit much for Andrew. Andrew, you see, is admittedly a lightweight when it comes to hot foods, and there was enough buffalo here to make his face sweat. The liberal dose of blue cheese helped make the heat a lot more bearable, though.

Deidre was glad to have found a crispy flatbread; every part of the crust was crispy. Andrew compared it to a cracker, which served as a great tray for the nearly overwhelming combination of flavors on top of the pizza. Thanks to all that flavor, Deidre found that the bites of the end crust provided a little relief from all the flavors before moving on to the next slice.

Flatbreads never seem to hold up all that well in the cold pizza test, and this was no exception. The crust was a bit rough, but those flavorful toppings more than made up for it. And yes, Andrew’s face got a bit sweaty again.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 4.5 = 8.5 /10 slices

Tavern at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa
101 Mountain View Road, Whitefield
855.837.2100, MountainViewGrand.com

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