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Mac & Cheese and Corn Dog

Pizza Angelene

The skinny: Whenever we go on a trip, we always try to find at least one brewery for a tour and sample. (Did you think we were going to say “pizzeria”? Well, that’s just a given with us, too!) While we had stopped in for appetizers and a beer during a day trip up north a few years ago, we never had the proper tour. That is, until we took some time to explore the northern part of the state recently.

And while we were excited to try some of the beers that a number of our friends rave about, we couldn’t help but also find some joy in the restaurant’s huge menu. As you can imagine, there were a number of pizzas to choose from. We also wanted to try it because of a fun fact we learned on our tour: The spent grain leftover after the beer-making process is used to make their own pizza crust!

Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery BBQ Pork Pizza

BBQ Pork Pizza

There’s only one size pizza at Woodstock, an 8-inch personal pizza. (But we beg to differ on the size, as we were pretty sure these were much larger than 8 inches and we each only managed to eat half our pies!) The pizzas here start at $8.49. Eighteen toppings are listed on the menu, and they range from 79-99 cents; jalapenos, refried beans and chourico are a few of the more fun choices.

Nine specialty pies are available to choose from, including the Brew-Chetta Pizza ($9.99), with chopped tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, herbs and olive oil; the Chicken & Broccoli White Pizza ($9.99), with alfredo sauce, chicken, broccoli, roasted garlic, gorgonzola and mozzarella; and the California Pizza ($9.99), with artichokes, pesto, grilled mushrooms and cheese.

Review: Since the pizzas were personal sizes, we each ordered one. Deidre opted for the BBQ Pork Pizza ($9.99), which featured pulled pork, fresh mozzarella and barbecue sauce. And then there was the pizza Andrew ordered: Pizza Angelene ($11.99), with mac and cheese and – wait for it – corn dogs.

Deidre’s pizza was absolutely loaded with pulled pork. She’s only had pulled pork on pizza a handful of times, and so far, this is the best one she’s had. While there was a lot of pork in each bite, it also wasn’t too much for a pizza – the other ingredients still had their time in the spotlight. Deidre also loved the barbecue sauce made from the brewery’s own Pig’s Ear brew. It was a good kind of sweet, not overly sweet like you’d get from the mass-produced stuff in the grocery store. She wished she could bring a bottle of it home for the next time she makes a barbecue pizza.

Deidre loved the mozzarella on her pizza. The almost-pure white color was noticeable as soon as the pizza was set down on the bar. She liked that there wasn’t lots of it, so that it didn’t overshadow the pulled pork. Deidre thought it had melted really well, and she appreciated that it wasn’t greasy at all.

Andrew wasn’t sure what to expect, but his jaw dropped when his pizza arrived. For one thing, it was huge … way bigger than 8 inches, for sure. For another, it just didn’t look like any pizza he’d ever seen. Our waiter explained that the idea for the pizza came from the brewmaster. The crazy idea turned out to be brilliant enough that it was added to the menu.

The weird thing for Andrew was that neither the mac and cheese nor the corn dogs were amazing on their own – but the combination just worked so well together. The mac and cheese was very creamy, while the corn dog was savory and sweet. If you’re wondering, yes, this pizza is a whole lot of starch – and that’s without factoring in the crust and whatever beer you’ve chosen. Simply put, this is by far the most filling pizza Andrew has ever had.

The flatbread crust was a big plus on both of our pizzas – it looked awesome and tasted even better. We love the look of the flatbreads at Woodstock. That one-of-a-kind shape just screams “homemade” to us. The bottom crust flopped slightly when we picked up each slice, but Deidre loved the end crust, which offered some chew factor to it. Even though Andrew was experiencing a bit of gluten overload, he still appreciated the very distinct flavor of the malted barley in his crust.

Andrew had never had cold mac and cheese (or a cold corn dog, for that matter), so this cold pizza was a whole new experience. Frankly, it tasted pretty much just as good as it did when it was hot. As a bonus, Andrew had a piece of Deidre’s pizza too. The tasty barbecue sauce gave him a crazy, maybe brilliant, idea: a mac and cheese and corn dog pizza with a drizzling of barbecue. We need to get back up to Woodstock soon!

Rating: Deidre: 4.5 / Andrew: 5 = 9.5 slices

Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery
135 Main St., North Woodstock

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