Manchester: Skinny’s Pizzeria

SkinnysThe skinny: We love a good neighborhood pizza place, so we were excited to see Skinny’s Pizzeria open up shop on Amory Street in the heart of Manchester’s West Side.

The menu is typical of most neighborhood spots, with lots of choices for different tastes. Of course, our eyes immediately went to the pizza offerings.

Skinny’s pizzas come in four sizes: 10-inch small ($6.95), 12-inch medium ($8.95), 16-inch large ($9.95) and 18-inch extra large ($10.95). Like the menu, toppings are pretty typical, too, and each one adds 75 cents to a small, $1 to a medium, $1.25 to a large and $1.50 to an extra large.

There are a half-dozen specialty pizzas ($9.95, $14.95, $16.95 and $18.95), including the BBQ Chicken and the Chicken Bacon and Ranch Dressing. Skinny’s offers a stuffed meat or stuffed veggie pie for $22.95, and it also offers a Sicilian pie in a 12-cut large ($12) and 24-cut extra large ($18.95).

Review: We were excited by the prospect of another local Sicilian pizza, so we ordered a large pie with crispy chicken ($13.25) — Andrew’s topping choice.

When Deidre opened the box, the thickness of the pizza was immediately apparent. The look of the pizza had us wondering whether this was a traditional Sicilian pie or if it was just a double dough pizza cooked in a rectangular pan, something that has confused a number of New Hampshire pizzerias. It’s a big difference — Sicilian is thick, but it’s also supposed to be light and airy.

When we picked up these slices, they were a bit lighter than we expected, but the taste definitely wasn’t light. In taking the first couple bites, Deidre noted that this was probably the thickest crust she’s tried in New Hampshire; our mouths definitely got a small workout. The crust was chewier than we expected, too. Andrew thought it was a bit too filling — he only made it through two slices. All of that dough was a bit distracting from the flavors of the toppings, too.

Andrew liked the chicken, which was sliced up thin but was still crispy. It wasn’t overdone, though, and that’s hard to do when you’re essentially cooking it twice — once in the fryer and once in the pizza oven. Deidre appreciated the amount of chicken: This pizza was loaded with it. She agreed with Andrew about the crispiness, and she was just as pleased to discover that the chicken wasn’t dried out.

Andrew thought the cheese — mozzarella and a spot-on amount of it — definitely stood out. The sauce, however, didn’t stand out very much, thanks in part to the very doughy crust. Andrew definitely tasted a distinct garlic flavor, and wished there was just a bit more sauce. Deidre felt the same about the sauce, but she thought that this was yet another pizza where the sauce-cheese ratio didn’t quite work.

Since the pizza was so filling, we had lots of slices left for the cold pizza test. The crust didn’t really hold up well enough, though, and Andrew only made it through one slice. The crust, which was already a bit too doughy, had dried out and the edges were a bit too tough to chew. The flavor of the sauce came through a bit better the next day, and Andrew definitely thought the garlic flavor worked well. The chicken, which Andrew loved the first day, unfortunately had dried out a bit too much after some time in the fridge.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 3 = 6.5/10 slices

Skinny’s Pizzeria
168 Amory St., Manchester

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