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Pizzeria Maria Nashua NH Sicilian pizza

The skinny: Our friend Jill previously recommended Elvio’s in Lincoln, which was our first perfect 10 review. So when our Nashua friend also suggested Pizzeria Maria, we took her opinion seriously.

We haven’t yet come across a pizzeria in New Hampshire quite like Maria’s, in that it only serves Sicilian-style pizza.

There are two sizes of pizzas here: regular (8 slices, starting at $14.95) and large (16 slices, starting at $17.95). There are 11 specialty pies in this restaurant. Veggie lovers may enjoy the Sarcia’s Sicilian ($17.75/$22.75), which is topped with garlic, black olives, caramelized onions and anchovies, while those looking to satisfy their carnivorous craving may enjoy Danny’s Amante Di Carne ($18.25/$24.50), which includes margherita pepperoni, Italian sausage, homemade meatball and local bacon. There are about 16 toppings to choose from, if you care to build your own pizza.

Pizzeria Maria also serves calzones. There are eight specialty styles listed on the menu, and each one is $12.95.

Review: In our past experience, we prefer Sicilian pizzas with few toppings, so on this visit, we just ordered a regular-sized pepperoni pizza ($16.50).

While we’ve become huuuuuuge fans of Sicilian pies and their texture, we have to admit that the standout on this pizza was the pepperoni! At first glance, we didn’t see it, as it was hiding under the cheese. But this topping was actually pretty huge — definitely not your typical pepperoni. The slices were thick, and about twice as wide as typical pepperoni and probably sliced about twice as thick. The huge flavor of this pepperoni made the more typical version seem more like window dressing than a meaty topping.

As mentioned above, the cheese was covering the pepperoni — and there was quite a lot of cheese. While Deidre liked the quality of the cheese, she thought there was just a tiny bit too much of it. Usually with good mozzarella like this, a pizza maker will be sparing — that was not the case here. For extra cheese fans, this will be a dream. For us, it made the pizza just a bit too heavy.

Pizzeria Maria also doesn’t spare the sauce, at least not on this pizza. Andrew thought there was a decent amount of this fairly sweet sauce, which was necessary given the slightly heavy cheese.

We’ve come to expect a great crust with Sicilian, and considering Maria’s specializes in it, we had high hopes. And we were not disappointed. Deidre loved the lightness of the bottom crust, and the slight crunch around the edge was perfect for a little variety. Andrew loved the buttery flavor of the edges and appreciated that it wasn’t at all greasy.

Some things just don’t play all that well when it comes to cold pizza, and heavy cheese is one of those things. That was the case with this pizza, as the cheese was just still a bit too much. That said, the quality of all the ingredients was still obvious after a night in the fridge.

Rating: Deidre: 4.5 / Andrew: 4.5 = 9/10 slices

Pizzeria Maria
295 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua


  1. Deidre & Andrew,

    Thanks so much for the great review 🙂 I always appreciate detailed feedback so this is very helpful! I am actually scaling back on the cheese today and I really like the finish product. I feel like it displays the topping a bit more as it is not engulfed with cheese.

    I definitely have regulars that will request extra cheese but I am going to try this approach and see what people think.

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

    Maria B

  2. Christine Hart says:

    I LOVE Pizzaria Maria!! I don’t eat pizza often because of dietary restrictions but when it’s time to splurge, I head straight to Maria!! The BEST and I LOVE the pepperoni, too!!

  3. Sadly, Maria’s closed a month or so ago. I only went once and liked it a great deal.

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