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Community Oven - Porker's Pie

The skinny: Before the cold weather started to descend upon us, we wanted to fit in one more trip to the Seacoast. Naturally, we were hungry, so we found ourselves at Hampton’s Community Oven.

We love pizzerias that have a cool vibe for a nice meal out, and we wish there were more restaurants set up like this around the state. Since they seem few and far between, we make sure to take notice of these eateries for future dinners.

Pizzas here start at $10.25 for a small (which can feed 1-2 people) and $14.50 for a large. More than 20 toppings allow customers to create their own pizzas; artichokes, angus steak and jalapenos are just a few of the choices available to create a tasty meal.

And about a dozen specialty pies are ready for consumption, including the Pulled Pork ($13.75/$18.75), which is topped with pork, pineapple, red onions, barbecue sauce, cheese and seasonings; Balsamic Veggie ($13.25/$17.75), which comes topped with artichokes, red onions, red peppers, broccoli, garlic tomatoes, balsamic reduction, cheese and seasonings; and the Taco ($13.75/$18.75), which offers ground beef, diced tomatoes, red onions, salsa sauce, cheese, lettuce and crumbled tortilla chips.

Be sure to check out the Sunday brunch menu for more pizza options only available weekly!

(Bonus for local brewery enthusiasts like ourselves: Blue Lobster Brewing Co. is right next door!)

Review: With so many options, Deidre and Andrew had to order their own pizzas on this trip to the Seacoast. Deidre ordered a small pepperoni pizza ($13), while Andrew craved the specialty Porkers Pie ($9) from the Sunday brunch menu.

Pepperoni pizza; Porker's Pie is shown above.

Pepperoni pizza; Porkers Pie is shown above.

With wood-fired pizza, we have high standards with the crust. And Deidre was pleased. The crust – from the center to the outer edge – had the right amount of crispness. Andrew felt the same, and it was especially important on his loaded breakfast pizza. The pizza was very thin, and Deidre loved the crispy bites.

He thought the meats (ham, bacon and sausage) blended well together – the sausage did stand out from the pack a bit – and the egg on top added some real depth. A side note on the egg: Andrew had been wanting to try a pizza with egg on it for ages, but we’ve rarely come across them. This pizza did it so well, he may stop looking for others.

The egg was a bit smashed up, creating a beautiful, tasty mess. Though this is clearly a breakfast pizza, Andrew didn’t necessarily feel it was especially breakfasty. It’s definitely not a traditional pizza: there was no sauce, and the cheese was a bit hard to detect amid the flavor chaos. Keeping all that in mind, Andrew certainly didn’t feel the pizza was lacking in any way.

Deidre was a fan of the pepperoni on her pie. She knows it’s slightly juvenile to enjoy pepperoni so much,  but she appreciates when it’s done well.

On Deidre’s pizza, the sauce and cheese were lightly applied, and she couldn’t really taste the sauce on its own, but this often works well on wood-fired pizzas. While she would have appreciated just a little more sauce, she felt the pizza worked OK without it because of how thin the crust was.

The cold pizza test actually made Andrew’s pie taste a bit more breakfasty, almost like a breakfast sandwich — the most awesome breakfast sandwich he’s ever had.

Rating: Deidre: 4 / Andrew: 5 = 9/10 slices

The Community Oven
845 Lafayette Road, Hampton
601-6311, TheCommunityOven.com

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