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Home Run

The skinny: We’re always up for exploring around our home base – the Queen City – and Deidre had noticed one pizzeria making its way up the rankings on Yelp. We knew this meant our next review had to be done at Home Run Pizza & Subs.

We love a good hole-in-the-wall neighborhood pizza joint, so we wanted to check in and see how the city’s east siders were eating. Pizzas at Home Run come in 12-inch small ($7.50) and a 16-inch large ($9.50). Toppings add about 75 cents each to the pie, and they mainly includes the classics such as meatball, green pepper and mushroom.

In the old-school style, there aren’t too many specialty pizzas here, but at least one is sure to be appealing to most fans. A few include the Grand Slam ($10.50/$15), with steak, onions, green peppers and mushrooms; Jimmy the Greek ($10.50/$15), which is topped with spinach, feta, tomato, black olive and oregano; and the Triple Play ($9/$12), which takes your taste buds to Hawaii with ham and pineapple.

Review: Home Run isn’t really set up well for dining (just a few small tables), so we ordered a small hamburg pizza ($8.25) to go.

If you enjoy lots of meat on your pizza, Home Run doesn’t skimp on the additional toppings. Andrew appreciated this generosity, and thought the hamburger was the best part of the pizza. He thought it had a bit of a grilled outer edge, making it a little harder, but it still tasted great. Deidre was happy to taste hamburg that wasn’t dried out. It was very lightly seasoned, which she prefers, as she doesn’t like too much flavor competition on her slices.

The hamburg, however, did compete with the flavor of the cheese, which Deidre had a hard time tasting. She loves tasting the cheese on her pizza, so she was bummed by the masking of it here. Andrew agreed, wishing there was just a bit more of what seemed like a decent quality cheese.

The tomato sauce was thin and sweet, which is probably the most common way we find sauce in New Hampshire. Deidre liked it enough, but it wasn’t much of a standout compared to other pizzas she’s had. Andrew found the sauce pretty bland, but also just too light to make a fair assessment. Upping the amount of sauce and cheese really would have helped this pie out.

Deidre found the crust to be the most unremarkable part of the pizza, unfortunately. As soon as she opened the box at home, she let out a small sigh. She thought the end crust was a little too large; she felt the sauce and cheese should have gone farther out toward the edges. Given that it was a small pizza, the huge, topping-less end crusts really stuck out more to Andrew. As for the taste, the ends were just the tiniest bit tough, though they offered a better chew than we expected. The bottom crust was thin, perhaps a bit too thin in the middle, as the center was a little too floppy for our liking.

Andrew called the sauce bland, and that’s pretty much what he thought of the pizza as a whole. That perception didn’t change for the cold pizza test, and in fact, it only got blander. The only saving grace was the hamburg, which held up pretty well.

Rating: Deidre: 3 / Andrew: 3 = 6/10 slices

Home Run Pizza & Subs
241 Candia Road, Manchester


  1. Okay, so I’m not from New Hampshire myself, but I have a good friend who moved there a year or two back with his girlfriend and I intend on visiting him sometime. I’m going to have to see if he lives anywhere near this place, because I think it’s worth a shot. I tend to prefer bigger crusts and less-obtrusive sauces myself, but maybe I’m just biased towards hamburger pizza in its various forms.

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